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  1. Hey everyone! It's been a few months since I've posted so I figured it would be a good time to say hi and re-introduce myself to those who do not know anything about me! What is your first name? Mark. Are you a male or female? Male. How old are you and when were you born? 23 years old and born in 1991. In which country do you reside in? Canada, eh! Are you currently studying in a school? I graduated from university with a bachelor's degree in finance and accounting in December 2014. Currently working as a banker for one of the top six Canadian banks. I help people manage their money and provide financial solutions that make sense according to their needs. What kinds of hobbies and interests do you have? I'm quite passionate about reading various books relating to Christianity and business. I've read the story of Coca Cola, Starbucks, GE Capital, Goldman Sachs and other firms that have succeeded over time. I've also read Christian studies on Jesus, Joshua, Paul and several other biblical heroes. Lately I've been very interested in spending time with friends and family. Sometimes we hang out, play scrabble, listen to music, watch movies, eat at fancy restaurants and go to the chalet over the weekends. I'm especially attached to my little sister who recently started working as an interior designer. I let her design my room so that she could add more work to her portfolio during her hiring season. Do you follow a certain faith? If so, what kind and are you part of a denomination? Generally speaking, I consider myself to be protestant, but I prefer not to label myself as part of a particular denomination. How did you hear about or find this forum? When I was born again in 2009, I looked online for a christian community where I could serve and grow in the faith. This was the first place I found and I've been here since.
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    Thanks everyone! Yes! I agree with that. What do you typically read?
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    Thanks you two, I appreciate it.
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    Is it time to take a hint?

    Yeah, my bad. I did misinterpret what you said. I thought this was more about romance because you asked us if we thought she still liked you. All good! Similar to what Becky previously mentioned, why don't you leave the ball in her court by asking her to message you the next time she wants to hang out? If you're comfortable with it, put the friendship to the test and see what happens. At that point you'll have to be patient and wait as long as it takes for her to bring it up again. Maybe she'll come back, maybe she won't. Either way, you've done all that you can. This should confirm whether or not she is sincere about being friends.
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    staying strong

    I agree with what Becky and Noel have said. All I would add is that there are other people your age who are also going through the same thing. Try to find them and stay together!
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    Is it time to take a hint?

    It sounds like it started off as friendship and the OP is now hoping that it develops into something more along the lines of a relationship. Basically, from what I understand, what she really "wants" at the end of the day is attention. Whether it's coming from you or someone else, she will go towards the person that gives her what she wants. That's a sign that she's just not mature enough for a relationship and just needs friendship. If the other person she's dealing with all of a sudden becomes unavailable, you can expect that she will come running back to you because she knows you're waiting. Trust me, if she really liked you, she would find a way to make time for you. That's just how these things go. This is good life experience, you'll learn a lot from this.
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    The Rule Of Five

    Those are definitely good habits to live by. It might also be beneficial if you decide to make them more specific and goal-oriented. For example, you could try setting a goal such as running for a certain number of minutes/miles. Another goal could be to commit to reading let's say 5 chapters per day. It really depends on your schedule and what your preferences are I suppose.
  9. Welcome Christian, it's nice to meet you. I appreciated reading such a detailed introduction. If you're into Edgar Allan Poe, I recommend you read the Tell Tale Heart, which is one of my personal favourite short stories from him.
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    New girl in town :)

    Hey Sonya! Welcome to CTF, I hope you enjoy your time here.
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    hey, i'm new.. :)

    Hey Helen, welcome to CTF! Glad to have you with us.
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    Hey there Evan, welcome to CTF. I hope you enjoy your time here!
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    I know you're ready for a relationship, but I need more stability in life right now. We're good as friends until we're both ready to be more than just that.
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    April 2015 Update

    Hi! My ears ring whenever someone is talking about me.
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    April 2015 Update

    I certainly appreciate reading this! I'm very aware that I haven't been the most active as of lately, but there used to be a time when I did have a strong presence and contributed a lot more. I am just happy to see that CTF is still standing and evolving. Also, it makes me glad to see that JoyfulFleur will be taking over for me. Although we've never spoken to each other, I can see from her posts that she has a good head on her shoulders and a solid faith. I am confident that she has what it takes to do the job well. Finally, I look forward to enjoying retirement and seeing what the future will hold for this community.
  16. Just quit my job! I feel so alive.
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    Of Monsters and Men

    Their most recent album is called "My Head Is An Animal" and I absolutely adore listening to the entire thing. I'm probably on my 5th run right now. My favourite songs are: Little Talks King and Lionheart Mountain Sound If you're looking to listen to something new, definitely check out the album on youtube . Thoughts?
  18. Welcome to CTF, Laurel :). You seem like a genuinely nice person.

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      Aw thank you, this made my day!

  19. Well? If nothing could stop you, what would you do? Chances are that my life would look very different. To be honest, I would be tempted to make some wild bets in the stock market if I knew I couldn't fail. My risk tolerance is surprisingly low which is why I tend to stay away from investing in general. Another thing I would probably do is be more bold and say what's on my mind more often instead of keeping it to myself. These are just a couple things I've thought about
  20. Hey everyone , I really like this concept and felt that maybe some of you would as well. The artist is Pharrell Williams! http://24hoursofhappy.com/
  21. Hey everyone, So, whether or not you plan on having kids soon, what would you name them? Personally, I'm pretty set on naming my daughter Lilianne in honour of my grandmother who was someone great and highly respected in my family. As for my son, I'm still trying to figure that one out; I would be fine with letting my future wife choose for me . What about you guys?
  22. That's a sweet plethora of names, T.K.! Bahaha Katy! It looks like you've thought this through quite a bit. What's the rationale behind some of the male names? Sounds pretty Irish to me too, lol.