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    - I love music<br />- I love to meet new people<br />- I love sneakers<br /><br />
  1. jessicaaa

    What was the last movie you watched?

    i watched toothfairy it was a great movie
  2. jessicaaa

    Favourite Fruit

    watermelons and apple yummy lol
  3. jessicaaa

    Plans after high schol?

    i guess im going to college and then I will go to uni
  4. jessicaaa


    I want a tattoo
  5. jessicaaa

    The V Status

    I think it's okay as long he loves me but i'd rather if he was a virgin
  6. jessicaaa

    Sexting...Is It Wrong?

    im not sure bout this sometimes i think if it is alryte and sometimes i think if it is wrong :alien:
  7. jessicaaa

    messy or clean?

    my room is clean i like it when it cleans make me happy to go inside my room
  8. jessicaaa

    What Are You Currently Playing?

    playing wii sports
  9. jessicaaa

    Still in love?

    just be good with him that shows if you still care and love him
  10. jessicaaa

    Hey! :)

    hello there im loving this one
  11. juz ignored them bcoz you're not pregnant juz pray to God to help you i wish you'll be okay GBU
  12. jessicaaa


    Hillsong, Planet shakers, Switchfoot, and Chris Tomlin
  13. jessicaaa


    hello there im jessica
  14. jessicaaa

    Favourite Movie Quotes?

    from balls of furry you suck when you're nervous
  15. I just watched Mr bones yesterday What's the lastest movie did you watch ? wanna share?