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  1. ProjectHonesty

    Getting tatted up

    Well if you are looking at tattoo's from a biblical stand point I would suggest checking out http://www.religioustattoos.net/index.php There is a bit of an in-depth look at the biblical views of tattoo's. Personally I think tattoo's are sweet
  2. ProjectHonesty

    Awesome tool in breaking bondage to sexual sin, porn, etc.

    Well I personally didn't find any, or haven't(I have about 10 days left), found any scripture I thought was very "twisted" in any way. As I said before, there have been some days where I thought they were putting a little to much emphasis on works but 98% of the time I thought the lessons have been biblical. I have also only done the purity course though, and the mentor I have had has been very supportive and answered any questions. From what you said you had a mentor who wouldn't answer questions(that's disappointing to hear), and you did other courses that I can not speak to how biblical they are. but to answer your question, yes, I would definitely say I am walking closer with Christ, not because of the program itself but because God worked through the program to break my bondage to pornography and sexual sin. haha I am sorry to hear that this sounds like a cult to you. I wouldn't describe it that way at all but everybody's got a right to their own opinion.
  3. ProjectHonesty

    Awesome tool in breaking bondage to sexual sin, porn, etc.

    haha well the best way I could describe a devotional would be a commentary of scripture broken up into smaller pieces or just a very short commentary. Most of them are short so it will only take 10-30min to read through depending on the devotional. The other thing is that many will ask questions, or leave the reader with "things to think about" so they don't just read it and immediately forget. Devotionals are just made to help the average Christians who don't have a masters in divinity to understand scripture more, apply it to their lives, and grow closer in their walk with Christ. that's the best definition of a devotional I could come up with
  4. ProjectHonesty

    Awesome tool in breaking bondage to sexual sin, porn, etc.

    Well I guess I didn't explain it enough. It's called setting captives free. It's a online devotional, the website is settingcaptivesfree.com. They have different bible studies of various lengths to help individuals break free from bondage to sin. Including pornography, lust, and sexual sin. (why I posted it here) Mark J- Sorry to hear that you had that experience. Obviously I can only speak for myself. I am not a fire and brimstone type of person, this program has just personally helped me a lot and thought I would share it. In the statement of faith it says they believe in salvation through grace alone although I can admit some lessons push an emphasis on works. I would recommend it to anyone one. Maybe give it a try and obviously if you find it to be unbiblical stop. Again I can only speak for myself but for me the program helped lead me to Christ and I am now for the first time in 5 years beginning to walk free of sexual sin.
  5. So I had taken like 30 min to type this thoroughly but it deleted everything and there is no way I am typing it all again. Basically i just wanted to tell you guys about a very cool tool that has helped me, THROUGH CHRIST, to begin walking free from pornography and sexual sin. It's called setting captives free, google it, it will come up. It's a free daily devotional to help people walk free from various sins. I did the way to purity one(pornography, lust, etc.) Remember though, this is nothing more than a tool. Only through Christ can we gain a new heart with new desires. This devotional, for me, just does an excellent job of pointing us towards Christ, His love, His grace, and the hope we have in Christ Alone. Check it out though, I pray that it may help others as much as it has and continues to help me. Faith Works, Love Labors, Hope Endures
  6. ProjectHonesty

    pornagraphy addiction

    Go to google, search setting captives free, and check it out. Awesome tool that helped me break free from sexual sin.
  7. ProjectHonesty

    Constructive criticism please?

    Very, very good. but could be better. Try opening your mouth more while you sing, it helps with pronunciation. Also, I don't know if you've ever taken singing lessons or not but proper breathing will make high notes come out smoother. Still very impressive. You have a beautiful voice.
  8. You lurked me without leaving a message? jk God bless you, man.

  9. haha what a lozer for deleting me ;)

  10. haha i'm just glad you still check ctf. lozerrrrrrrr :thumbsup:

  11. i found your FB on a profile you added me on which i dont really use....so i hope it's the right one! I added you......

  12. FRIEND ME ON FACEBOOK!!!!!!!!!!!! I had to make a new one and you are impossible to find!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. ProjectHonesty

    Quick question..

    Well I'm reading a book called "Cross Center Life" and he talks about how God sent Jesus to earth to die for our sins and it was God's will for him to die therefore God was in fact punishing him. I don't know. Another question, where was those 3 days he was dead?
  14. ProjectHonesty

    Quick question..

    God is loving but God is just and that's why he punishes sin. God has to be just and that's why he HAS to punish sin. If God HAS to be just that would mean he can not be unjust correct? Wasn't it unjust to punish Jesus when he did not deserve it?