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  1. Jordo001

    Willow Manor ( A Haunted House RP)

    Mark & Maya Mark and Maya both looked to where Hiro had pointed. Neither of them saw anything, but Maya lit up when Hiro grabbed her hand and ran off towards the house. She kept up with him while holding on to her crown best she could. "Bye, Mark! We're gonna catch some ghosts!" Maya called back in a sing-song voice, looking back at her older brother. Mark immediately ran after them up the hill. "Maya come back here!" He called out in vain. Despite being about 2 feet taller than them and being a track runner, Mark couldn't catch them until they were on the front porch. Maya hung back at that point, looking over the giant door. It was ornate with two large trees on either side with branches growing up and all over the doors. Maya was a little scared at first, but boldly knocked on the door. Two hollow knocked echoed through the house. 'G-guess no one's home," Mark said grabbing Maya's hand, “Let's go back now!" Right as he said this, the large doors creaked open just a tad, enough for them to get in.
  2. Jordo001

    Willow Manor ( A Haunted House RP)

    Mark & Maya Creepily Karen, or at least that’s what he thought he name was, materialized out of the darkness. The track runner was taken aback slightly, jumped back a little, then relaxed. Maya meanwhile, as boldly as ever, dashed up to the newcomer admiring her costume. "OOoo! Are you a witch?" Maya looked Karen over like a critic over a piece of art, then smiled up at her, "Why don't people go in the scary house? Isn't just scary, nothing is real, right?" A concerned look now covered her face as she glanced between her brother and the seemingly expert on the Mansion. "Well I- uh, don't know," Mark hesitantly admitted. Maya then turned pleadingly to Karen desperate for information.
  3. Jordo001

    Willow Manor ( A Haunted House RP)

    Mark & Maya Mark smirked a little, able to empathize with an annoying younger sibling. Then, was a little confused by what she said in Japanese (or what he assumed to be Japanese). Then she looked up at him apologetically and said she was sorry. "Sorry for what? Having a annoying, yet strangely still adorable younger sibling," as he spoke he ruffled Maya's hair, who protested and covered her head, after he stopped the first grader fixed her crown with an indignant expression. "I'm afraid I still didn't get your name. I'm Mark, and this obviously Maya," the teenage boy said, now more relaxed. Meanwhile, Maya looked back at the house the stood in front of, then back at Hiro. "Are your guys going to the scary house too?" Maya asked, hands behind her back and rocked from toe to heel.
  4. Jordo001

    Willow Manor (Haunted House RP

    No problem with Crystal being related it might add another layer to the story, thanks for the heads up! still cant see the picture...it says the image has "expired" what ever that means....
  5. Jordo001

    Enchanted Accademy

    OT: Sorry this is kinda short! I really want a fight to break out, lol! Willon "Well, I'm at least witness that the fact you threatened him first," Willon spoke, then noticed that he had passed Seth on the way in. Seth was fairly level- headed, so he might be able to keep Roland in check if things got ugly...might. Willon hadn't ever really liked Roland, he seemed like a bully and Willon hated bullies. While Tristan probably shouldn't have yelled fire and sent everyone into mass chaos, he shouldn't be beaten to a pulp. Willon knew exactly what he was getting into, this could spelltrouble for the rest of the year if Roland thought him to be "evil." What a way to start the year! Get into a fight with one of the toughest guys in school! Wouldn't be senior year, if there wasn't any fun it would there? Willon smirked a bit with this thought.
  6. Jordo001

    Willow Manor ( A Haunted House RP)

    Mark & Maya Mark felt to pulling on his arm cease after a little boy called out Maya's name. The fairy princess perked up at the sound of the voice, looked about for a second and spotted him a short ways away. She looked back at Mark. "That's Hiro! He's from JAPAN!" she said, her eyes filled with wonder of a place she probably knew nothing about. She turned bakc to Hiro, "Hi, Hiro! This is my brother Mark!" She let go of Mark's hand and ran up to the little boy taking his hands and hopping. She then looked at Hiro's sister's costume; she ooed at her costume, runnign around her a bit as she did. "You're so pretty wall all your flowers! Marky, Marky maybe she should be your girlfriend!" the young matchmaker beemed with pride, more over embarassing her brother than anything else. Mark turned a deep crimson at his sisters suggestion. "Haha, sorry! She's a little, uh, bold sometimes," Mark came up behind Maya, talking to....,"What's your name again?"
  7. Jordo001

    The Never-ending Story Game

    looking at her phone and walking, slipped onto her her face on some hail on the side walk. She looked up and...
  8. Jordo001

    Willow Manor (Haunted House RP

    thats fine! you can just pick where you want to start, just let everyone know. BTW I can't see the picture, idk if anyone else can, just letting you know...
  9. Jordo001

    Willow Manor (Haunted House RP

    lol, he could like them both, being the player he is lol. I'm also excited for the two little ones should run off, maybe even defeat the ghost.
  10. To join please go to the OT thread and post your profile using the skeleton provided there! There is a manor, a top a hill, where no one goes. It is said to be cursed since the death of its former owner, Sarah Willows. Widowed at age 33, by the abrupt death of her husband from influenza in the late 1800s. Every Halloween, the older kids try to trick the younger ones to go in the house and see if the rumors are true: That the old woman still haunts her husband’s home, protecting it from anyone who seeks to harm or intrude. It is also said that Mr. Willows had a scandalous secret also which his wife now guards from the knowledge of others. So far no one has been brave enough to go, but all this is about to change… Maya & Mark Maya held Mark's hand loosly as she skiped down the side walk Halloween night. She was quite literally at the end of her "leash"; Mark's arm was being pulled firmly along by the pancing six year-old. Maya wore a pink fairy princess costume complete with tutu, crown, wand and wings all either pink or gold. "Hurry up Marky," Maya whinned as she waited impatiently on her rather lathargic brother. Mark walk hesitantly behind his sister. If he was honest, he HATED halloween, but he protective personality over his sister required him to accompany her on her trick-or-treating route. Their family had only been in the small town of Lancaster for a couple of months. They bother had made friends fairly easily, more so for Maya with her outgoing personality. They came up on Willow Manor, the local lore said it was haunted by an evil spiit. Mark wasn't sure if he believe in the stories, but wasn't going to take his chances. "OOOoo! Let's go there!" Maya said pointing eagerly at the old mansion. "No, we are nto going there," Mark stated trying to hide a quiver in his voice, "We're not allowed there, Maya."
  11. Jordo001

    Willow Manor (Haunted House RP

    Yes, Logos I'm so sorry I must've missed that part about Mark liking Sayuri!!!! I feel bad.... But I think we're good to go. I will start the RP. swampfox can join when they get back with a story. Remeber Sarah Willow is playable by everyone and can really be in two places at once since she's a ghost and can break every rule of reality.
  12. Jordo001

    Enchanted Accademy

    OT: Who picked up who? Willon: Willon noticed the Jason guy sat down next to him. After being greeted and shaking his hand. Willon was about to make convesation when someone yelled "FIRE!" sending the entire room into mass chaos. Willon, meanwhile looked about casually seeing no fire. Anyone else seeing a lack or flames or feeling the lack of blazing heat? The male fairy watched as people scurried about like mice from a cat, and a few even seemed to not panic just simply and casually leave (like this was not uncommon for the school to be set a blaze). Roland went into hero- mode and began beratting some wizzard for calling out fire. Roland could be quite intemidating, but the ever fearless Willon decided to come to the resue. "Roland, I'm sure no one is going to get trampled, all the knights have rescued their fair ladies and eveyone else can take care of themselves. And by requireing this guy to pay for his crimes wouldn't you yourself get in trouble with "school authorities?" Willon remained quite casual in poking holes in Roland's plan. Though, stood a little straighter to seem more menacing, being only 5'2" made this difficult.
  13. Jordo001

    Willow Manor (Haunted House RP

    Everything said so far is good with me! I definately like Sayuri's and Hiro's back story. Mine was that Mark and Maya (maybe Lee) were just walking by and Maya being as headstrong and curious as she is convices the group to go in the house. I definately encouraging having a back story in mind. I also will update the group's list. I'm putting Sakura in Group 2. I would like to start soon also, but I want conformation from everyone before we just throw ourselves in there.
  14. Jordo001

    Willow Manor (Haunted House RP

    OMG this is going great! I'm so excited!!! Skadaddle, I really like that your said a little more about the school and town, I thought about and I assumed that everyone would think it was a smaller town but since you took the liberty on making it official, I wanted to thank you. I'm going to split us into groups based on profiles. Feel free to tell me if you want to switch. I'm totally cool with it, and groups can run into each other and switch up in mid roleplay, this is just for starts! I don't want anyone alone! SO the roster now is: Group 1: Maya Mark Jonathan (Lee) Bethany Brett Group 2: Karen Paige Sayuri Hiro Sakura Ungrouped (Reserved spots): Sir Edmund (Ghost) swampfox: About the ghost, I dont want to be demanding, but can I have a little more about how he was related to the Willows. Orginally I intended to have only the ghost of Sarah Willow and she could be played by anyone. But, if you want to be a ghost that is completely cool, just try to tie him into the story more, like is he the butler, the son? Whatevers good with me just a little more story and motivation as to why he remains at the Manor. Skadaddle: Are Mark and Lee friends? Logos: Can Hiro and Maya be in the same class? Skadaddle & purplemunster: I see Brett and Mark both liking Bethany. Bethany not really interested in either. Is this cool with you? NOTHING POSTED HERE IS FINAL UNLESS YOU WANT IT TO BE!
  15. Jordo001

    Enchanted Accademy OT

    I intended Willon to be around human sized. I like the idea of shrinking when flying, but I had imagined them all slightly smaller than humans. I'd like them to be bigger or up to the player.