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    Well.... technically "charismatic" but i dont like to be branded
  1. I read somewhere that 96% of men have masturbated.... and the other 4% are probably lying! This applies to Christian guys too! I'm going through this as well. The most important thing is to start talking to someone about it. I told someone about it almost a year ago and even though i havent completely stopped, i am in a much better place than i was Just find someone older and wiser and be open. It will take a lot of effort from you AND faith in God, and it will always be something you'll have to deal with. By just posting on here it shows your heart is in the right place and you know youve gotta improve which is crucial!
  2. grecianwonder

    Is Masturbation a sin?

    The fact is When i masturbated this led to me not bothering with work, trying to develop my relationship with God and also giving my girlfriend the security and time she deserves. When i stopped for 3 months i just started doing these naturally. In my opinion, Masturbation is impossible without thinking of girls in a sexual way which is unhealthy. what your doing when you ejaculate is simulating sex and for that you need to imagine sex and Jesus did say you are not to even think of having sex with a woman who is not your wife because that would be adultery.
  3. grecianwonder

    almost married

    imagine how long you'll be able to have sex with her after marriage and then 7 months will seem short
  4. grecianwonder

    Mission Trips?

    I've been to Romania several times and its great. We run a kids club and all the kids in the town come (around 200 everyday) and now my church has been about 5 times in the past 10 years everyone in the town knows who we are and what we're going to do. Im going again this summer so im starting to save again!!! For finding mission work, i suggest looking for churches who do mission trips. You might not even need to go abroad. A friend of mine came over your way to start an outreach in Buffalo, NY. Maybe look for places in US i dont know
  5. grecianwonder

    Ask A Guy

    I prefer sexy in a nice voice... but when my girlfriend is joking! ummm i hate being called cute
  6. grecianwonder

    What's your fav. Tv Show?

    One born every minute. love it. even though it is weird for me to like! Spooks Football cos its always on!
  7. grecianwonder

    What was the last movie you watched?

    WALL-E! loved it!
  8. Liverpool are rubbish...
  9. grecianwonder

    Just a quick one

    thanks peeps. i felt better the next day... i was just having a rather poo day. Loving those lyrics!
  10. I only support one team, and that is mighty Exeter City. I admire many teams though, Including Spurs, Everton, Doncaster, Ajax, Barcelona and arsenal.
  11. grecianwonder


    Ive ordered this off amazon!!! it looks amazing!!! i cant wait!!!
  12. grecianwonder

    Just a quick one

    I just feel really bad today... i just dont want to talk to anyone... i feel lonely at the same time... just pray that this raincloud will pass from my head
  13. grecianwonder

    Fighting for Life

    Also talk to her about it. She may feel pressured to do it cos she thinks you want to do it and its kinda a cycle of no one wanting to do it but doing it cos your worried the other one wants it still. hope that helps
  14. grecianwonder


    I play bass at church and have started learning the guitar aswell which ive played twice at church and once at our youth event. Used to play clarinet, was naturally good but never practiced. Sorry
  15. grecianwonder

    What Are You Currently Playing?

    Oblivion Fifa 11 and Football Manager 10 hoping to get orange box on mac soon though