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  1. Confio en Dios y

    Why so negitive?! I thought we were Christians!

    Uhh..good for you.
  2. Confio en Dios y

    You see a van...

    Rape van for sure.
  3. Confio en Dios y

    Is this wrong? Why?

    Why would you waste the precious thing that is life on...this?!
  4. Confio en Dios y

    Nearly Two Dozen Cats Injured or Killed by BB Gun

    What if it's a pack of killer cats?
  5. Confio en Dios y

    Nearly Two Dozen Cats Injured or Killed by BB Gun

    Shooting someone's pet isn't okay, unless it was attacking a human.
  6. Confio en Dios y

    Home fitness anyone?

    I have an elliptical trainer. I love it! I am happy I don't have to go to a gym to workout, because it's not a pretty sight. Sometimes I start crying....
  7. Confio en Dios y

    Handled properly or over the top?

    I am sure the girl learned her lesson, however, I think the father's actions were way over the top. Shooting a laptop is insanity. Kids make dumb mistakes, but humiliating them like that isn't the answer. Yes, she needed to be disciplined, but there are better ways to do it. I am sure she won't do anything like this again (I should hope not), but she'll probably have some resentment towards her parents.
  8. Confio en Dios y

    Smoking Bad

    Smoking gooood.
  9. Confio en Dios y

    2012 off to furious start in tornadoes

  10. You are highly suspicious.

  11. Confio en Dios y

    Faith and fun?

    There's a time and place for everything.
  12. Confio en Dios y

    what clothes should christians wear?

    I always dress classy, it gets you far in life.
  13. Confio en Dios y

    Thoughts on this?

    Nope. Thankfully I don't have to worry about that. (:
  14. Confio en Dios y

    Superbowl: Colts or Giants?

    None of them! I wish football would die!
  15. Confio en Dios y

    Iconic Aussie ugg boot banned from US school

    Ha! That would actually be news worthy....