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  1. dawnmarie17

    Prayer Request!

    they said he had a major stroke and that the next 48 hours are critical please pray for hime thanks
  2. dawnmarie17

    Prayer Request!

    he was doing fine they had him up and walking but they are thinking that he had a stroke, they said he was up walking around and he just went limp
  3. dawnmarie17

    Prayer Request!

    from what i have heard they were able to sucuessfully remove his breathing tube today! PTL
  4. dawnmarie17

    Prayer Request!

    there is a man at my old church who had open heart surgery today. he was doing well after surgery but when they tried to remove the breathing tube his heart stopped and they had to shock him and give him CPR. They had to put the tube back in to stabilize him, but he still has an irregular heartbeat. There are many doctors working to figure out what's wrong. Please pray they can figure it out. Thanks.
  5. dawnmarie17

    CTF Official Favorite Bible Verse/Story Thread

    that is a powerful verse
  6. dawnmarie17

    Happy Bday

    thanks everyone :)
  7. my favorite bible verse is john 3:16. : for god so loved the world he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in him should not parish but have ever lasting life" i like this verse a lot because it shows m that god does love me. he loves me enough to send his son to die for me