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  1. The skyyy! =D

    What's been going on for you? :o

  2. it's my weird friend! :o

  3. Howdy!! :woot: How have you been?! :D

  4. Haha, howdy! :D Are you having a good summer?

  5. Ahaha, you lurked! >:o How have you been?! :woot:

  6. Yay, you came back! :D

  7. It was the Little Joe one. :D

    Oh, fun. I like to climb things. :D I am glad he has a job now. :D What were they talking about in church? I went to a speaker thing this morning and they were talking about the fruits of the Spirit. I am excited to go to church tomorrow. :D What scout stuff do you do?

  8. Which one?

    Well, I made a climbing rope a few days ago(may redo it), my stepdad got a job recently, we went to church earlier, I've got some scout stuff going on next month..

  9. Nothing much, I am watching VeggieTales. :D How about you?