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    Hi everyone Josie here :)

    Engaged to: God-Sent/Isaiah

    I'm a musician not only at heart, but in reality. :)
    I play Drums, Guitar both Classic and Acoustic as well as Electric, a lil Piano too and Sing.

    I'm an all around fun person to be around from what I hear lol, I like to mess around and just be a goof sometimes. But who doesn't? :) I always love to be there for others, be that shoulder or listening ear. So if ever in need, don't hesitate to message me.

    God Bless <3
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    A Proud Canadian/Ontario
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    {Christian Music}
    Skillet, Newsboys, Seventh Day Slumber, Kutless, Fireflight, Building 429, Switchfoot, Matthew West, Casting Crowns, Steven Curtis Chapman, Tenth Avenue North, Caleb and Sol, Toby Mac, Trip Lee, Lecrae, FLAME.

    {Secular Music}
    David Archuleta, Backstreet Boys, Jonas Brothers, Michael Jackson, Keith Urban, Justin Bieber, Carrie Underwood, Demi Lovato, Daughtry, Kelly Clarkson.

    The Bible, The Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, and Joshua Harris Books.

    If Only, Dear John, The Vow, The Notebook, Penelope, The Bourne Series, A Walk to Remember, Beastly, The Last Song, Highschool Musical 3, The Sound of Music, Anne of Green Gables, Miss Congeniality, Did You Hear About the Morgans? Mulan, Lilo and Stitch.

    {Christian Movies}
    Soul Surfer, Fireproof, Facing the Giants, Second Chance, Something to Sing About, Pilgrims Progress, Faith Like Potatoes.

    {Enjoyed Activities}
    Tennis, Baseball, Biking, Jogging, Swimming, Walking.
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    Born Again Christian
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    Josie Lovable
  1. Broken Arrow by Pixie Lott and Cry by Kelly Clarkson
  2. Panda Bears are my favorite
  3. Jimmy Needham Ft. Lecrae {I Will Find You} my favorite song, i absolutely love it!!
  4. Captian America is my favorite Avenger and superhero in general. He's awesome in my opinion
  5. JosieLovable
  6. Well I will say the bird is cute and that it can do all that whistling, but umm its also rather annoying after a point as well.
  7. Captivating by John & Stasi Eldredge, its pretty good from what I've read so far
  8. Happy Happy Birthday Mark!! Have a good one!
  9. In my opinion, I'm against abortion and well I don't have a right to get rid of these doctors as far as death. But I do have the power of prayer and standing for what I know is right and that's not supporting taking a life. Such as a lil baby that didn't even get a say in the matter. These doctors learn this stuff they are completely aware of what their doing, their taking a life end of story. Were to be pro LIFE were to fight for these unborn children, these babies that don't have a voice. I would never kill a doctor for what he's done, but it does sadden me they just don't care. All they want is the money. :/
  10. Happy Happy Birthday Haley Have a blessed one.
  11. You've no idea how much this touched me and made me realize. It brought me to tears, if anyone was to say anything I'd be charged... because I'm guilty. I could not judge no one... Thank you so much for this. Thank you
  12. I've personally never had artificial nails, I can grow my own pretty long as if I had it done. Idk really if I ever were to get my nails done I'd say it'd be for my wedding day An when that day comes what are some of your opinions on the best kind to have?
  13. Welcome Abbie I hope you really like it here. God Bless
  14. Yup I can pretty much relate with you to a T on everything. My father with in the past few months left me and my sisters and mum to live his own life. He only ever thought of himself, he was the type of man who should've never had kids. Never really put an effort into building a relationship, when that's all I ever wanted. Things go pretty deep, but not much can be done. I've always wanted a father figure I could look up to and be a daddy's lil girl, but the cards didn't fall that way. I've made plenty of mistakes in my past on the count of feeling rejected a lot by him. I didn't have the best role model to look at to know what to find in a man, but thank God for His grace. I'd watch Little House on the Prairie and think that exact same thing. To this day I still love watching it for that factor a ''Real'' father. I just wish some dads really knew how important their role is to a daughter just as well as a son for different reasons.
  15. #Exactly, I know right? We want them to open up we wanna ask questions, but they've gotta let us in.. in order to do so.