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  3. Thanks man, WOA is simply epic.

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  6. USAOutlaw

    Really looking for some help...

    It seems like you are a faithful guy who tries very hard to stick to his principals... This is great, however the human sex drive is very strong and can be overwhelming at times. Don't beat yourself up over your mistakes, everyone who has resisted temptation has either been in your shoes or like me, has utterly failed. In my opinion, C.S. Lewis makes this point better than I ever could... "A silly idea is current that good people do not know what temptation means. This is an obvious lie. Only those who try to resist temptation know how strong it is... A man who gives in to temptation after five minutes simply does not know what it would have been like an hour later. That is why bad people, in one sense, know very little about badness. They have lived a sheltered life by always giving in." -C. S. Lewis
  7. USAOutlaw

    Ask A Guy

    Well, I suppose its just the way we are "wired" so to speak. Personally I don't mind if a woman has some masculine qualities but I'm really only attracted to feminine looking women. Take my girlfriend for example, when we go to the symphony or out to dinner at a nicer place, she can look stunning with nice clothes, her hair straightened and her makeup on. However, she will also lounge around in an old worn out Ford Mustang tee shirt. She can be a little crude but she know how to be a lady, she is a feminist and a real pistol if I have ever seen one, but she can also be sweet and gentle, I love it when people can just be themselves. Maybe that's just me though, maybe other guys would be turned off by her attitude and her demeanor in private, but then again, I'm always getting rid of random guys trying to hit on her. P.S. I have also dated the super girly type (Aka cheerleaders) Been there, done that... burned the tee shirt.
  8. I wish she would report it, honestly. Sadly she refuses to go to the police. This happened to her before, when she was a child and she was vilified for reporting a rape to a therapist who then went to the police, the criminal was never punished but my girlfriend was harassed, taunted, threatened and emotionally crushed throughout the process. Because of the first incident she has needed years of therapy (even intervention in highschool). I have pushed her to report the latest incident, but I just can't bring myself to push her any harder, her body is badly scarred and almost every scar is self inflicted, she has too many scars to count ranging from her shoulders to her fingers and while she has been stable and has not cut, starved or burned herself for a very long time (Well prior to the latest incident), I just don't have the will to push her and take the chance of causing her to relapse. The rape was brutal enough, the physical trauma was bad and the emotional trauma is worse but she thinks that involving the police at this point would only make things worse as she is sure the guy would get away with it even if she were to report it. I want revenge but that is overridden by my desire to see her safe and and psychologically well.
  9. SaintPeter-I'm sorry to hear that, it really sucks. I have kept her safe thus far and will continue to do so, I'm really a rather intimidating figure and on the one occasion when I had to see the filth in public he stayed as far from my girlfriend and I as possible, I could smell the fear. -L- I tried to get her to go to the police but she has little physical evidence and the process of reporting it to the University we attend was more than traumatic enough.
  10. First, sorry I have yet to reply, I got caught up with life and forgot about this post. To all who have doubts, It was rape. The same guy was bragging about raping another girl so my girlfriend finally took some action using some evidence she recently found, there is also evidence to believe she was drugged. Now, Sausagecat92, you should be ashamed of yourself! The girl in question is Jewish and that brings with it some very different circumstances. My anger has nothing to do with race and everything to do with the fact that my government refuses to help a woman who was raped (brutally might I add) by a student who was brought to this county with money from my university and my government.
  11. So I have put myself in a very sticky situation and I really just need someone to tell me I'm not crazy. I have been dating a wonderful girl for five months now, she is amazing and is truly just the most awesome person I have ever met, I love her. Sadly she was raped two weeks before we started dating, we were friends at the time and I had been trying to get up the nerve to ask her out for quite a while, I was just too fearful of rejection. Before I go on let me say she has some issues, past sexual trauma, past self harm, former lesbian, thankfully all of that garbage is in the past. Anyway, continuing on. She went to the beach with some friends for spring break, at the time she thought she might be interested in this girl that went with them (An apparent side affect of the first rape). The girl brought a male friend along who proceeded to get my girlfriend drunk, then the guy raped her while the girl watched, my girl friend was unconscious while this happened to her. One night, about a week into our relationship and almost a month after the event she confessed to me that she had been raped and that her "time of the month" was late so I took care of her, I bought pregnancy tests (They turned out to be negative) and let her know that I was there for her no matter the result. Now after initially telling me it was rape she is questioning whether or not she was raped, she is confusing me by telling me that maybe she had let him do it because she was drunk and can't remember much. Honestly I can't deal with it, to make matters worse I have to see the guy around the college I attend, he is a freaking Saudi foreign student here on government money! I can barely control myself, everything in me screams "Break him" and I could do so easily considering my far superior physical conditioning and the training I have received. I don't even know why I'm posting this, I guess I'm just trying to distract myself. So, any advice? Anyone?
  12. USAOutlaw

    Relient K?

    I saw them live about two years ago, they sounded great and they actually had the crew move the barriers so the fans could get closer to the stage, Ive never been a huge fan but I had a ton of fun at their show.
  13. USAOutlaw

    Any Christian Metal fans?

    Whooo! Someone else shows love for Extol! Mortification and Tourniquet too!
  14. USAOutlaw

    Yes, I'm a newb.

    I agree, it really depends on the individual person. I did almost nothing when I should have been in highschool, by my very nature I'm easily bored. I have nothing against homeschooling though, it can be a great way to prep for college if you don't waste it like I did.
  15. USAOutlaw

    Any Christian Metal fans?

    I kind of just lump Metal, Metalcore and Hardcore together as Metal, its just a general term, makes it easier that way. At some point the line begins to blur anyway. P.S. I'm surprised no one has mentioned Extol yet... I almost want to amend my list to add them :/