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    Do you watch movie credits?

    Do you watch the credits at the end of a movie? If you do watch 'em, what is your reason for doing so?
  2. WahooPunch

    In your music library...

    Saw this on tumblr and thought it would be fun to do here. ^__^ Type these words in your music library (or media player) and name the first song that appears. Love Hate Light Dark Good Bad Smile Cry Girl Boy This That
  3. WahooPunch

    What Are you Listening to VIII

    Let it Go - Idina Menzel
  4. Romans 2:6 “He will render to each one according to his works: to those who by patience in well-doing seek for glory and honor and immortality, he will give eternal life.”
  5. PJs all day today! ^______^
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    This song :)

    Cute song.
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    Keep a Word! Drop a Word!

  8. WahooPunch

    The Song Title Game

    Somewhere Only We Know - Keane
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    Hit the keyboard then hit "Submit Reply"

    dru u,rd ,myudrud m,rd,mdr jernk jekewikgoru, dr7
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    I'm here!

    Welcome to CTF!
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    What Are you Listening to VIII

    Cold by Blindside
  12. WahooPunch

    What Do You Do When Ticked Off?

    I don't get angry. BECAUSE I'M BATMAN.* XD *I take a walk in the park and listen to music.
  13. Such sad news. He played a lot of inspiring characters.
  14. WahooPunch

    What Are you Listening to VIII

    Mountains" by BIFFY CLYRO
  15. WahooPunch

    body mist

    Look into natural deodorants and odourless anti-perspirant.
  16. jeans skirt black leggings pink and black t-shirt silver bracelet
  17. WahooPunch

    Newbie in need of a friend or two

    Hi, Beeliever. Welcome to CTF! I'm sure you will find someone to talk to here.
  18. WahooPunch

    World Religion Class

    I have taken two World Religions classes in college and, as Zabby said, World Religion classes and how they treat Christianity really depends on your teacher. In both, the professor treated all of the religions as "myths". In one of the classes, the professor tried pushing his New Age spirituality on the class (which I found a bit annoying). Overall, I thought both classes were interesting because I was able to compare and contrast beliefs, and see the origins of the major religions in the world today. Just ask yourself if you would be okay with professors lumping Jesus with other religious figures (like Buddha, Mohammed, and Lao Tzu) because some people can be easily offended by that...
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    What Are you Listening to VIII

    "Afterlife" - Arcade Fire
  20. WahooPunch

    Do You Prefer....

    ... right now, black. Do you prefer violins or cellos?
  21. WahooPunch

    Is this song on your ipod/mp3 player?

    Nah. "Loveless" - Children Collide?
  22. WahooPunch

    Answer a question with a question....

    What if we are?
  23. WahooPunch

    Help meh.

    Just keep in mind that you should avoid setting a weight goal below the normal range for your height. Losing weight should be a personal decision. If you think losing weight will make you healthier and happier, then go for it. Losing weight should not be based on the opinions of other people. Do it for you, because your happiness with yourself is what matters, not the approval of others. And, don't lose weight for guys. Losing weight won't make guys fall over you and appear out of nowhere. Someone is probably out there for you and (trust me) if you find someone that only cares about your body and whether you would make good arm candy because you're slim, they are most likely not worth your time.