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  1. gosh! haven't seen you around here in forever ....hope you're good!!!! happy birthday and you're the big 2-0! I turn that this week as well. Take care and God bless

  2. QuintenHLVB

    Speaking In Tongues

    My experience with speaking in tongues is interesting. I am a member of a United Methodist Church in the New York Region. I was not exposed to speaking in tongues until a few years ago when I when to a ELM-Church run camp. I was freaked out a bit when I first heard people speaking in tongues. I went for a few years and had many conversations with people. I started praying about it. I read about it in the bible. (the passages that have already been mentioned so I won't put them in here) but during a worship service I got really emotional, I wanted more then what I was getting, I had tears flowing out of me. People around me started putting their hands on me and praying. I fell to the ground and started to say things I couldn't understand or control. I was not speaking in English. I have experienced when others talked in tongues it has felt fake or forced and not real. This makes it harder to believe that as many people say they can does it can actually do it. I have only been able to do it a few times and every time it has been uncontrollable. I do not know if this is the only way it can be real but I know without a doubt that it is real. It has had a positive effect on me. But it is a gift, and not one anyone needs to have. I feel you will know when someone is talking in tongues and you will know when you are because it is so powerful. I hope this helped.
  3. QuintenHLVB

    Girls as friends (I have been "stoled" so I shall now return

    BAHAHAHAHA no I have prolly more friends that are girls then are guys. Although at some minor level there is prolly some liking in them. But i always become really good friends before i go after anything with a someone I am going to date. I think its a good idea to become friends. it depends on your personaitly type on who you become friends with. so thats what i think.
  4. QuintenHLVB

    advice please

    Thanks, I agree. Its a big step but thats what life is isn't it? a lot of steps. Thanks for everyones helps
  5. QuintenHLVB

    advice please

    Thank you for comment, I agree with you. It has been a week and the pain hasn't even lessen. I dont know if I am addressing my family issues the best way but I will give the information and maybe you can give me feedback, My mother is sick, with an illiness that attacks her nerves. She is mostly bedridden. This is how it has been in my life for as long as I can remeber. My Father works hit butt off in a job he doesnt like becuase my mom cant work. We struggle to make it by. I am a college student who is studying to become a Youth Pastor, and hopefully run a summer camp. Most of the family issues stem from the fact that at times my mom can be a very negitive person who can put me down without knowing what she is doing, and My father doesnt want me to become a Youth Pastor becuase of the money sitution and he is not relgious at all. I have always stood firm in my beliefe that this is my calling. Next year I will be transfering out of state from colleges. There are a lot of reasons that went into this but one of them is to get farther away form my parents to make my ceareer path easier to go by. Another reason is the college I chose is my no means the right college for me. Neither of my parents want me to move 12 hours away but this is something I feel like I need to do. i have talked with my mom about everything and she understands why I am doing it but she doesnt understand that she puts me down so hard sometimes that those wounds may never complety heal. My dad and I tend to aviod the topic all together. Although he does understand my moving and know it will be hard but thinks I can do it. Over the past 6 months I have been working really hard to attempt to change the way I think. To be more postive, to think the glass is half full instead of just half there. I want to be happier more of the time and I want to be happy with my future wife. A big problem comes there becuase my family does not represent me, therefore I have a hard time bringing anyone over to meet my parents. Dont get me wrong I love them, But lets just say I am the Black sheep in the family of pure white sheep. Make sense? I am comming to a cross roads in my life and I need to get things strighten out. I want a future wife and i want to be happy
  6. QuintenHLVB


    There are tons of camps throughout WNY!!!! The one I work at is CAMP ASBURY!!!! you should Check it out!!!
  7. QuintenHLVB

    Engagement Ring Question For Men

    Considering I need a steady job before I get down on one knee, and I should have one of those right out of college... prolly around 3000-4500... which would be about 2 months worth of pay. But it depends on the timming. becuase I am a romantic and WILL ask the parents and go all out... so it depends on everything.
  8. QuintenHLVB

    What Are You Listening to the Saga!

    Fall Away - The Fray Next song is Slide by Goo Goo Dolls
  9. QuintenHLVB

    I need some guidance please

    Frist of all this is not an easy situation and there is no one right answer. I am going to give a few things that might work but might not. I think you should pray about it for awhile before you have this converstaion with him. People are very touchy about God and Church. It plays with heartstrings and can be hard to overcome at times. One option you have is to wait... to continue to go to church and offer him to go, knowing that he will most likely say no, but continue to go no matter what. He may start to see how important it is to you and he may ask why you wont hang out with him durring church and that could open up the converstion for you. Another way is to have a sit down face to face converstion explaining to him that church is a big part of your life an that you understand that his life has drawn him away from church but it would mean a lot to you if he would come with you a few times with an open mind and try to give it a shot becuase it is so important to you. I am assuming you didn't jump into this relationship, that you took time and knew how you felt about eachother. this makes it every more troublesome. You both want it to work. This is important to you. God is a big part of your life. Maybe you should ask him to come to a youth event that isnt church for a few times and then slowly work your way to church. I really dont know. This is hard. I dont know the right answer and I wish I did. I hope this helps
  10. QuintenHLVB

    Ahhh lads, when does kissing a lassie go beyond a wee kiss

    okay... I am going to tred lightly here... but i disagree. I do not think Sex before marrige is right for me, or for most in this day in age... but I do not believe that anyone can set a standered of what is okay expect the people in the relationship... Which i feel is something that BOTH people should do and stink to it. If that is waiting for the first kiss till the wedding bands are on the thats good with me... or if that is everything up to sex... fine. but both parties have to relaize temptation sucks and is hard to overcome. If you are telling people they CANT guess what they WILL do... hense the problems with drinking and sex and drugs... or speeding for that matter. I feel like haveing the couple set up thier own guidelines is the best option. In public on a youth retreat or something someone needs to say something and have rules... But if you are having fun with your friends, I dont feel like it is your place to tell your friends they cant do that... you can say you dont like that and would wish they could stop... and hopefully they value your opion and will stop in front of you but I am in college I am not asking my College friends to not sleep together... If i can hear them I will tell them it bothers me and Might get upset but I am not going to step on thier freedom to make thier choices.
  11. QuintenHLVB

    Can Everyone Be Saved?

    I Believe it is possible for every person that walks this earth to have the God touch thier lives and change them for the better. It becomes a question of what minstry will do it best for each person. I know and have expernced that there are some people becuase of the way I minsteer I would not be able to touch. My father is one of those people. He is unable to hear the word from me... I am still hopeful at somepoint someone will reach him. People range soo diffrently in how they react to the word of God it is nearly impossible and may change throughout someones lifetime. So i belive it it possible to touch everyone but is not going to happen in realtiy... did I make sense?
  12. QuintenHLVB

    2010 NCAA Tournament!

    well my braket is shotish... but I have DUKE winning it all... dont get me wrong i am a UNC fan all the way but what can i do my team didnt even dance this year. This year final four is intresting... 2 #5 and then 2 debatable #1 seeds... my final game I have Duke and Mich. with Duke taking the cake
  13. QuintenHLVB

    Ask A Guy

    Depends on the group of guys. Guys tend to rag on eachother when we can feel one guy getting close to a girl. Hopefully if the guy becomes something more real that can be broken down a bit if you two were dating.
  14. QuintenHLVB

    College Apps & Acceptances

    Currently I go to Canisius College in buffalo but I am going to be transfering next semester I applied to Univeristy of North Carloina at Chapel Hill this is by far my first choice!!! Unvieristy of Virgina second choice Duke Virgina Wesylan College... Accepted but last choice. So hopefully some prayers will come through for UNC!!! Does anyone know what they want to study yet? I am i relgion major... I want to be a youth pastor and run a summer camp like the one I work at
  15. QuintenHLVB

    advice please

    Hey guys thanks for your help. Sadly there wasnt much I could do. She broke it off last night. Im going to put myself out there a bit but so many people say guys dont have feelins and junk like that... If they dont I dont know what this is... this sucks. I didnt get really any sleep last night. i really care about her and I hope she will be happy. I know I am young and I know it is unlikely but I am looking for a long-term relationship. I want to get married within the next few years. Is that un-real? I know that if God has something else in store for me then I will go that way but I dont know how many more break-ups I could handle. I am looking for the one I want to spend the rest of my life with. I am not the typical college student who is going out and drinking and sleeping around. I want a wife, i want a family to care about... It might be becuase my homelife is a bit messed up but I want someone to Love me like I love them. Am I too young and crazy to be thinking this right now?