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    Dancing is my passion and I wouldn't stop doing it for the world . I'm currently on my school dance team and hopefully ill continue doing dance in my college years<br /><br />I don't attend chruch but I still study the lords word I plan to attend a christain or biblical college and work at a chruch while nursing in the nicu<br /><br />I have big dreams and think 3 steps ahead and always plan for the bad ( which is a bad habbit of mine) but I always find a way to make things happen<br /><br />I'm not perfect ill never be perfect and I know others won't be perfect too so I have to learn to accept peoples flaws and turn them into greatness
  1. kryssy226

    In the Last 24 Hours

    I wish but no ITL24H. Have you worked out?
  2. kryssy226


    i have my boobs measured at dilliards,jc pennys , and victorias secret and they all measured me diffrently like on top of my clothes and under it doesnt feel akward and its very helpful also they also might ask you if your active or not and give you a bra that will support your "lifestyle"
  3. kryssy226

    What are you?

    I'm right handed
  4. kryssy226

    A Poll About Water

    I put it doesn't matter I will drink whatever water is available but I perfer purified,or drinking water
  5. kryssy226

    Happy Birthday Ben!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU And that's a pretty awsome cake
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    Change a letter.

  7. kryssy226

    Ask A Guy

    Would you tell your friend that you like her best friend even though you know it would hurt her feelings? Would you rather a girl dress comfy and imodest or regular modest clothing? What are the key signs that a girls interested in you?
  8. kryssy226

    why do you like guys?

    I'm a big eye person when I talk to anyone I always look them in the eye and if I see a random guy with pretty eyes I would flat out tell them also I'm a hair person like hair on your head not facial or anything like that and I look at their body sometimes but not all the time
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    I am very"blessed" as my dancecoach would say I'm a 38 DD or DDD so I have to wear a tankini because my top half is bigger then the rest of my body so I wear a tankini top with shorts and a swim skirt
  10. kryssy226

    Really confused

    I have the same feeling about my close guy friend I know or I think I love him and he's catholic and hangs out with the wrong crowd and I want to protect him and tell him but I have to hide and pretend all the time To be honest I think you should pray and ask god for guidence and help her out and find the right path also you could try talking to her and showing that you really care about her
  11. kryssy226

    Change a letter.

  12. kryssy226

    Top five Tv Shows

    I don't like tv that much but 1) 19 kids and counting 2) An Ghost shows ( ghost hunter, ghost adventures, scariest places on earth) 3) Any wedding show( yes their funny to watch like bridzillas) 4) All of the C.S.I's ( new york, miami, las vegas) 5) Anything on Discovery Health( surgeries or documentaries )
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    Hello :)

    Welcome back to CTF I hope you enjoy this site
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    Get to know you better

    I most favorite memory of elementary school ... I guess this is not really a memory but I miss not having to think of a lot. Back then like boys had cooties and girls runing away from the boys because they where messy not having homework and just being a kid Do ou love the water? ( Swimminng ..etc)
  15. I answered no because I believe dating it being best friends with benefits and I already have close guy friends just as friends I'd rather date or court to marry and fall in love with