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    Hey guys new to the forum. I've been very close friends with this girl for a couple of years now. Care about her so much and love her to death more than i love myself. I am talking as a friend even though i did have deeper feelings for her at some point. The point is i care about her and always try to encourage her on the right path...God's path. she is a christian. Now this is the thing. I felt like I knew her in and out and I knew about her life and had a good idea of you know just about everything about her but yesterday she told me something that was absolutely shocking. She told me that she had in the past at one point in her life done some sexually immoral things(never went all the way but other things). she said she absolutely regrets it and hates that time in her life. i was completely shocked and was overcome with just feelings i cant describe. i mean that sort of thing came up and she seemed like she was completely pure so this just sent shockwaves. i was sad, dissapointed, angry and hurt. most of all i was just shocked and so sad that someone i cared about so much had made such an unfortunate mistake. i am a mess like all of us but never gone over the line in that realm before in my life and just i mean especially for a teenage girl just doing that stuff isnt right and clearly it had a negative affect on her. its that feeling of u did that...u know when u do that u r looked at differently because u know its something that is so sacred and private and meant for marriage. today was the first day at school after she told me and i just acted normal cause its a huge secret but inside i just couldnt look at her the same even though shes changed and regrets all of it. idk i guess its dissapoitment but its a terrible feeling. i love her so much and i just feel so angry that she has had that innocence taken away from her. idk wut to do i know im no better than her thats not the issue. its just how do i cope with this its horrible i wish she could be completely pure...even though she didnt go all the way its still not pure. please help.