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  1. 280 what now
  2. 286 I'm here possibly
  3. I believe those who support abortion should be put to death.
  4. honestly, you're not going to get that much eye contact really. You may get lots of stares but they won't be looking anywhere near your face most of the time. It's a huge turnoff for me personally. I do know plenty of guys that it distracts and could possibly cause them to stumble, I survive in the heat in jeans surely you can live with wearing something a little longer.
  5. facebook, mtgsalvation(for a game I play), youtube and that's about it really
  6. Congrats on the birthday and meeting Hannah and I guess Andrew Hannah still owes me a visit, whether she brings Andrew along or not wouldn't bother me much either way.
  7. Have to? no. Should? Absolutely. It's a place for fellowship and encouragement. If it's where the Church meets then it is the Church building but the building isn't the Church the people are.
  8. happy birthday guys, hope you enjoy it.
  9. The NIV has been openly described as a paraphrased version, so of course it's not shocking that they took some verses out and put them in the footnotes. I personally don't enjoy the paraphrased versions or modern versions much. NASB is what i use most of the time but I have KJV and even NIV.
  10. as another poster has mentioned Psalm 73 covers this. At first Asaph has the same question as you, why do the unbelievers have all this stuff when the believers are suffering. He ultimately comes to the realization of where they will end up, and how they'll be "utterly swept away by sudden terrors" and "destroyed in a moment" All of their gains in this life will be useless when they die.
  11. Lucy by Skillet. such a great song.
  12. yes my best friend is a girl. I love her to death. I get to hang out with her tomorrow and go to a concert. She's awesome.
  13. pretty much any Celine Dion song. Tarja Turunen especially I Walk Alone Katie Melua lots of female singers give me chills for whatever reason.
  14. let's see, about the only thing you could find that might make me embarrassed slightly is a Miranda Cosgrove song but that's about it. I'm not embarrassed about my music, I like what I like. If you don't like it, I'm sorry your taste in music isn't as awesome as mine.
  15. welcome to the forums Kristin, I hope you enjoy your time hanging out with us here. It is a pretty sweet place really.