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    I'm Logan, I'm 18, and music is my life. I play guitar, bass, and drums. I like to play video games and watch ghost shows. I play lead guitar in a band called DayBreak (youtube is officialdaybreakband). I have never taken any lessons for music i taught myself everything i know. I love almost every kind of music. I enjoy being out side riding quads, playing in the woods, fishing, and all that fun stuff. I text A LOT (my record is 17,000 in one month my average is 16,000 and my record for minutes used is 2 haha). Anything else you wanna know just PM me. :)
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    Music, Guitar, Music, Video Games, Music, God, Music, Family, Music, Friends, Music, Texting, Music, Quads, Music, Cars, Music, and did I mention I like music?
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  1. Logan! We miss you, and btw, Happy Birthday :D

  2. BlackAndWhite

    Ghosts and the Bible?

    i am also very skeptical about a lot of the stuff. especially orbs. that could be lens glare or a bug or dust. some of the other stuff i do find no other explanation for. but wouldnt proving that there are spirits out there also be proving that there is an afterlife and that god does exist? i mean you said that the scripture says we cant contact the dead well fallen angels never were alive they never were human. is that a completely different thing or does it fall in the same category?
  3. BlackAndWhite

    Ghosts and the Bible?

    But if he didnt want us to record it why would he allow it to happen so easily? I mean you can take a picture of something and get a ghost in it without even trying or make a recording on your phone and get a voice without wanting to. I have always just been interested in it and have had multiple experiences. I have never used ouija boards or any of that dumb stuff. Actually that EVP I caught was on my phone. And what about when priests cast demons out of houses? They have to communicate with them to tell them to leave.
  4. BlackAndWhite


    My day was lame.. My camera needs to get here soon!
  5. BlackAndWhite

    Ghosts and the Bible?

    I know it says all will be judged but is that immediately? And when Jesus says "today" does that mean a day on earth or a day in Heaven? I was once told that a day in Heaven was a lifetime here. And how would they be distracting me from God? If anything this whole ghost thing has actually brought me closer and has made me try to find stuff like this in the bible. I still want to know where it says there is no in between. ---------- Post added at 09:18 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:05 PM ---------- @ Matt: What is divination? You have used it a few times and I'm not exactly understanding what it means. And a necromancer is one who uses magic to summon the spirits to communicate which is nothing like what I am talking about. I do like to do ghost hunting but I use cameras and a recorder so would that fall under the same thing? I also am not trying to argue against what God has told us I just want to prove to people that there is an afterlife and we dont just go in the ground.
  6. BlackAndWhite

    Ghosts and the Bible?

    But where in the bible does it say that the only response you would get would be a demonic one? I would also like to know where it says there is no in between. I have heard a lot of people say it but know one seems to know where its said.
  7. BlackAndWhite

    Ghosts and the Bible?

    Some of the questions that i have had are: 1. Hebrews 9:27 says "Man is destined to die once after that to face judgement." Do they get judged right away or is there like a "waiting period" and if so how long is the wait and where do they wait? 2. Another site i was reading on was talking about when Jesus was walking on the water and he was saying he had flesh and bone unlike a ghost. Does that mean that Jesus himself is saying that ghosts do exist? 3. That same site also said that they would just be "demonic spirits" that take shape of our loved ones and convince us that they are still here. I do fully believe in demonic hauntings and I do think that it is possible but would that mean that its only demonic spirits? And if so why would they take on other forms other than our loved ones? Like the people who previously owned that house. 4. One of the things that is believed is that "ghosts" are spirits that are trapped here because of they have "unfinished business". Could it be that the person had died to soon and hadn't completed everything that god had wanted them to? 5. Can a person choose not to continue on because they don't want to be judged? And in the end just be sent to hell? ---------- Post added at 06:34 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:23 PM ---------- Don't worry I understand haha. But for the whole demon thing I do know about the fallen angel part. Honestly I have know idea if they stay here on earth or not but that makes me wonder if they stay here instead of going to hell, does that mean that other spirits stay here instead of going to hell? I guess this kind of goes along with question 5.
  8. BlackAndWhite

    Ghosts and the Bible?

    Alright, so I have been wondering this and I'm hoping someone on here can help me out. What does the bible say about ghosts? I know in the Bible (NIV version) they have said "ghost" (Spirit in KJV) more than one time. Does it say anything about earth bound spirits? And if not what are the voices that are captured on EVP's? I know not all of it is fake because I have personally caught intelligent responses to questions that my friends and I have asked. One of which was a female voice and the only people there were my friend Drew and myself. I don't want to start a debate about if ghosts are real or not I would just like some answers.
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