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    I'm Logan, I'm 18, and music is my life. I play guitar, bass, and drums. I like to play video games and watch ghost shows. I play lead guitar in a band called DayBreak (youtube is officialdaybreakband). I have never taken any lessons for music i taught myself everything i know. I love almost every kind of music. I enjoy being out side riding quads, playing in the woods, fishing, and all that fun stuff. I text A LOT (my record is 17,000 in one month my average is 16,000 and my record for minutes used is 2 haha). Anything else you wanna know just PM me. :)
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    Music, Guitar, Music, Video Games, Music, God, Music, Family, Music, Friends, Music, Texting, Music, Quads, Music, Cars, Music, and did I mention I like music?
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  1. hello logan, may i ask what part of OH you live in?