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  1. ModernChristian

    I'm a weird kid

    If the right person for you comes along then these feelings of fear about dating will go and away and you will just want to be with them However sometimes that doesn't happen and in such a case I believe that you would be fine because you're showing no interest in wanting to have a relationship so not having one won't badly affect you at all Just keep doing what you're doing, be yourself, make friends and have fun, and if Mr Right is put in your path then you'll find him, and if not then your life will still be just as full and happy because it is the right path for you. Also, what the councellor said to you was wrong. You are most definitely not weird for your age! You are you and this is how you feel. We are all created differently and this is just you showing your unique difference
  2. ModernChristian

    Too PC, or Just Desensitized

    In this case I don't think that we are raising a generation of wimps at all. Actually, I think that it was quite brave for the cheerleaders to recognize that their teacher was doing something inappropriate and report it to someone who could do something about it. Most people would be afraid to do that for fear of the backlash.
  3. ModernChristian

    Harry Potter. Yay or Nay?

  4. ModernChristian

    Prayer Request For Back To School

    I'm returning to school tomorrow after a 3 week long Christmas break. School was tough at the end of the last term and I've really appreciated this time away with my family and loved ones. Please pray that this term is better for me than the last one - I would be very grateful Thank you!
  5. ModernChristian

    A present for my girl :)

    So you want a large family then? And to the OP - personally I think that that's a lovely idea and if she likes that kind of thing then go for it its a very personal gift (names and birthstones etc) and I think that it would mean a lot to her to have something so special and well thought out. Especially because it's a long distance thing, it's nice to have something given to you by the other person to quite literally hold on to when you can't be around As for where you'd get one... That's a tricky question. Because it's such a personal thing obviously no jeweller would have exactly what you're looking for. I'd recommend going and speaking to a jeweller about maybe having them made (though it may cost quite a lot) or search around for a reputable website that lets you create your own jewellery and go from there Good luck!!
  6. ModernChristian

    need prayer

    I will pray for you
  7. ModernChristian

    Michelle Duggar Miscarries

    This must be such a heartbreaking time for them and I'm so sorry to hear of their loss.
  8. ModernChristian


    You can't have chewing gum in Singapore?? What is this? I like being a chewer but I prefer fruit flavoured chewing gum to mint flavoured when fruit chewing gum loses its flavour it still tastes pretty good whereas mint... No
  9. ModernChristian

    Afraid of Marriage

    I also believe that many churches do not view divorce as a sin if: 3. The marriage was never consummated (some Christians view having a physical relationship with more than one person as cheating on your original partner and therefore you are committing adultery and therefore sinning - so divorce after having been physical involved with someone else with the intent to go and have that same physicality with another person IS a sin to some people. If you have not consummated the relationship and thus have not become 'One flesh', your getting a divorce and starting a physical relationship with someone else would not be viewed as cheating as you had never joined to your spouse in the first place, so divorce on these grounds is more acceptable) 4. One of the partners does not wish to have children (as one of the main purposes of marriage in the Bible is to have children) Do not let the fear of what could possibly be have a negative effect on your life. If we all lived like that then none of us would ever do anything concentrate your energies on living the best life possible and do not be afraid of something that may never even happen.
  10. ModernChristian

    Who should we think of Jesus as?

    From your post it seems to me that Jesus is everything and everyone good
  11. ModernChristian

    Who do wear glasses or contacts

    I mainly wear contacts and my prescription is about 2 I don't think that I suit glasses much!
  12. ModernChristian

    Teens Living for God

    What's a devotion if you don't mind my asking?
  13. ModernChristian

    Borrowing Faith and Being Stuck up.

    Howdy I may not fully understand your question so please forgive me if I've misunderstood I think that it's perfectly fine to look to other people's experiences to strengthen your faith, many people look up to Saints for example, as they're proof of God's work with people. However I think it's important to recognise that different experiences will affect different people differently and so people shouldn't assume that we will all react the same when we hear about an event and should be sympathetic to that fact and not assume that just because a certain event hasn't particularly strengthened someone elses faith in the same way that it has their own does not make them less of a Christian. I also think that it's really important not to act superior when teaching people or talking about Christ to someone who knows less than you do. We should just be loving and patient
  14. ModernChristian

    Christian Materalist

    A while back I used to try and label myself as a member of a specific denomination but I soon realised that it just wasn't working out for me. I didn't really fit in any particular category of Christianity so in the end I just gave up with the labelling Now I'm just a Christian of no specific following and I follow Christ's teachings and the Bible as best I can so I would advise you to do as I do: don't try to fit yourself into a category, just follow the Bible in a way that feels right to you (as long as it's appropriate of course!) and if one day you find a way of Christian life that you agree with and become part of a denomination then that's great, but if not then its no worry
  15. ModernChristian

    Hearing God

    So many of the posts which I have read contain someone mentioning about hearing God talk to them or having God tell them to do something or guiding them to behave in a certain way. I don't think that I've ever experienced this so I have some questions for you What does God sound like? How can you tell that it's God? When does He speak to you? How can I hear Him? I believe that I've felt His presence before but not heard His voice. Thank you