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    I'm sixteen, homeschooled, and I'm going to be a psychologist when I'm an adult. I am very passionate about Jesus and my denomination is hard to describe. I attend a Southern Baptist church (different from regular Baptist) but my pastor is very into change as long as it doesn't go against the Bible and I agree with most of what he teaches.<br /><br />That out of the way. I adore small children, animals, and anything cute or sparkly, but I also have a deeper side. I write short stories that have made some people cry, and I draw anime as a hobby, but I'm not very good. I love Kingdom Hearts, the Artemis Fowl series (even though I'm not a green freak), and anything pertaining to Ireland, for some reason. I like werewolves, but I hate Vampires, and Twilight is so stupid it makes me cry. I have one dog, one cat (the other has passed on), and a fancy mouse, who is a golden color. Everytime we go to Petco, I look, but I don't see one like him.<br /><br />I love fantasy, romance, sci-fi, adventure, etc, etc. I have a wide range of tastes. In my music, I like everything except screamo.<br /><br />I have one brother, one sister, and one niece who is a year old, yay! She's so beautiful!<br /><br />So, I love to chat, and if you have questions about God, you can always PM me. For that matter, PM me for any reason! You might see me in just about all the forums, annoying people and getting into too many arguments. I think I'm on to warning two and a half, and I just joined so recently too! I really don't mean it; I have a lot of zeal. But Peter never got kicked out of the forums. Lol, jk, jk.<br /><br />So, yeah, talk to me people, unless you're a lot older than me and want to argue, because it's not hardly fair.
  1. TheArtist

    Math tutor

    I realized recently that I don't really have a subject that I'm especially good at. Math has always kind of confused me, but I think I could be good at it if I tried. I just need someone who understands it very well to help me out. I've taken pre-algebra, but I'm homeschooled and I do it all on the com so there's no one to actually talk to about it. If anyone would like to help me out, I'd appreciate it.
  2. TheArtist

    Fantasy roleplay?

    OT: Oh... lol. BOT: Charlemagne led them to a back area of the room and began pulling on the bricks in the wall. They moved away and he darted through. "Come on then," he told them.
  3. TheArtist

    Fantasy roleplay?

    OT: Is anyone still around? I still want to do the RP as long as everyone else does.
  4. TheArtist

    The Time of Blood

    OT: I'm kind of overloaded, guys, sorry. I can't play this RP anymore. If you want to keep my characters, someone can take over them for me.
  5. TheArtist

    War Rising

    OT: Goodness, this is hard to keep up with. Decieven, I think I'll drop out of the RP to work on our and my own stories better.
  6. TheArtist

    War Rising

    OT: Ah, I totally need to pay more attention to CTF... BOT: Kael hit the, thankfully dry, ground face-first. He stood slowly and brushed himself off, then turned to yell at the man in the Inn. He stopped when he found a sword in his face. "Just leave," the man said. "And don't come around my sister anymore." Kael raised his hands and turned away. Well, that was one girl he wouldn't see again. He'd almost had her money too. Almost. But, now he would have to steal for dinner tonight. Maybe he could turn his charms on a local street urchin and get them to do it for him...
  7. TheArtist

    Epika Rol

    This looks kind of fun Name: goes by Cai Age: 17 Gender: M Species: Half-elf, half-human Appearance: Weapons: long dagger, set of lockpicks Personality: distrusting, used to being an outcast of every race and species, especially humans and elves becase of his mixed bloodline. From: Mother was from Shihatje and father was from Awaay, was born in Shihatje Lives: everywhere, currently in Lindje Magic: a small amount from his mother, enough to heal small cuts and a few other things Bio: Cai is a halfling, outcast by every species. He travels from kingdom to kindgom, stealing to survive and keeping a hood up to cover his elf-like ears. Extra: his magic is weak, but there. he is distrusting but secretly wants to be accepted. his face was scarred by an human who discovered that he was a halfling
  8. TheArtist

    War Rising

    Name- Kael Age- 17 Gender- Male Picture- Description- Half elf, but hides it well, pretending to be human. How's that?
  9. TheArtist

    Fantasy roleplay?

    "This way," Charlemagne said. He started down the in one direction. "No, the other way. There's a hole in the wall over here that I use to get in quite often. It leads through an underground tunnel and comes out outside the castle. Hurry!"
  10. TheArtist

    Help with a friend

    My best friend had never been kissed unil she reached high school. Her first kiss wasn't even something sweet; it was a makeout session in which they also petted some. They didn't even go on a date first! Since then, she has tongued two guys without even having a first date and she has seen and touched them. She says that she will stay a virgin until she's married, but she's only fifteen and she's on a very slippery slope! So what do I say? I can't really tell her how wrong I think it is, because I know her well enough to realize that it won't make any difference. She knows where I stand sort of, but what she's doing just seems so wrong. By the way, she told me just yesterday that she was ready to have 'oral sex'.
  11. TheArtist

    They Call it French

    My dad always said to remember that eery boy is someone's husband 0_o I'm 'sweet 16 and never been kissed' so I don't really know, but it seems to me that however your comortable is fine.
  12. TheArtist

    Fantasy roleplay?

    Charlemagne: "Good, good," Charlie said. He went to the door and began trying keys. "Not this one, not this one..." he muttered. After what seemed like every key, he swung the barred door open and released Lockner's captives. "Follow me," he told. "I know the way out of here." Iridescence: Des walked out of the room and looked at the strange boy. "You know the way out?" she said in a quivering voice.
  13. TheArtist

    The Time of Blood

    Charlemagne: Charlemagne looked sharply at the girl when she suggested watching how people dress. She was certainly goth, but she wasn't a vampire herself. And the girl who had justed walked in... she wore so many crosses, like she was trying to ward off all evil on earth. Not that it would help any in the case of a vampire attack. Camilla: Camilla sat down and looked curiously at the substitute. Dracula? This teacher was having them study vampires; didn't she realize that most people in this town already knew about them? Oh, well, she wanted Camilla to stay after class and talk. Maybe she could decide whether the woman was herself a vampire or not then.
  14. TheArtist

    Gather round Dekker fans

    I haven't read those yet. They sound good though. Has anyone read Martyr's Song? God, that book made me cry! And that doesn't happen too often.
  15. TheArtist

    Ted Dekker

    I never could get into Kiss. It was kind of weird and boring, not really "Dekkerish" at all. I adored the Bride Collector and yeah, I noticed that too. I LOVE the ending! The almighty Quinton brought down so easily!