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    I'm sixteen, homeschooled, and I'm going to be a psychologist when I'm an adult. I am very passionate about Jesus and my denomination is hard to describe. I attend a Southern Baptist church (different from regular Baptist) but my pastor is very into change as long as it doesn't go against the Bible and I agree with most of what he teaches.<br /><br />That out of the way. I adore small children, animals, and anything cute or sparkly, but I also have a deeper side. I write short stories that have made some people cry, and I draw anime as a hobby, but I'm not very good. I love Kingdom Hearts, the Artemis Fowl series (even though I'm not a green freak), and anything pertaining to Ireland, for some reason. I like werewolves, but I hate Vampires, and Twilight is so stupid it makes me cry. I have one dog, one cat (the other has passed on), and a fancy mouse, who is a golden color. Everytime we go to Petco, I look, but I don't see one like him.<br /><br />I love fantasy, romance, sci-fi, adventure, etc, etc. I have a wide range of tastes. In my music, I like everything except screamo.<br /><br />I have one brother, one sister, and one niece who is a year old, yay! She's so beautiful!<br /><br />So, I love to chat, and if you have questions about God, you can always PM me. For that matter, PM me for any reason! You might see me in just about all the forums, annoying people and getting into too many arguments. I think I'm on to warning two and a half, and I just joined so recently too! I really don't mean it; I have a lot of zeal. But Peter never got kicked out of the forums. Lol, jk, jk.<br /><br />So, yeah, talk to me people, unless you're a lot older than me and want to argue, because it's not hardly fair.
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