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    Quest for purity: The Guitarman experience

    Well, I guess I could be an idiot with now will-power for saying this but: This is my 30th-40th Day 1 since I've started.... I think I don't like the the thought of "Never doing it again", thats why I keep getting tempted to fap. D: Theres been a few occasion where I could for 3-4 maybe even 7 days without it, but no more :\ Any tips?
  2. CheeseIsGoodLOL

    Disturbing Thoughts...

    Okay, I feel really bad about this, as if I'm an extreme sicko. But here it is: I was masturbating (I know its a sin, I'm trying desperately to stop) and randomly a picture of my dad sucking a penis popped into my head. This disturbed me deeply, I was disgusted at the image and myself for somehow thinking it up. It stayed for less than a second, but I was extremely disturbed at the image. I'm not gay, and I do not want therapy. Someone told me I'm blowing this out of proportion, by thinking about it too much and worrying too much. It just lasted a second, and it disgusted me, so I know its bad, and not to do it. Can someone please say something to help me feel better? PLEASE? No criticism please. I'm trying to quit masturbation, but kept failing. Is God punishing me? I feel trapped right now, and deeply depressed. Help me.
  3. CheeseIsGoodLOL

    Lust problems...?

    Well, I'm 14, so my parents don't about any of this. So I'm not in any position to get or read a book like that. As for getting an "accountability partner", you'll have to explain that to me. I am new to being a Christian. I just converted a month or two ago... For the reason that I always felt left out of something, and that God might be able to guide me through life, and through problems like this.
  4. CheeseIsGoodLOL

    Lust problems...?

    Okay, first off, I'm 14, and I joined this forum for help, not criticism. Heres my problem: I masturbate. And once in a while, I look at porn. When I masturbate without porn, I think of girls I know. This makes me feel horrible, because I know I'm doing something wrong. I feel as if God may be angry at me... I feel like I've committed too many sins to be forgiven... How do I free myself from lust and masturbation? Please help me... I talk to a Christian guy I met a while ago on Yahoo, and hes been trying to help me. Telling me masturbation and lust is okay in small amounts as long as it doesn't control my life, or something along those lines. It didn't seem to help. I could not feel worse about myself right now, I feel like I'm in a deep state of depression.