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    I am me. You are not me. I am also the most honest person you will ever meet.
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    I'm interested in lots of things. feel free to ask me.
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  1. WiccanCrow

    A Confession

    okay doge thanks for the support guys
  2. WiccanCrow

    A Confession

    Note: This does not mean my personality has changed.
  3. Everyone should check out my new post in "Introductions & Announcements"

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      OOH! Call yourself The Dude.

    3. WiccanCrow


      the dude? are you serious?

    4. Crow Of Light
  4. WiccanCrow

    A Confession

    So for years you have known me as WiccanCrow. And it is true that I claimed to be wiccan and argued it and used it as a base for more neutral grounds. You also may know that I was once Christian. Raised Lutheran by one set of grandparents, Methodist by another set, and who knows what by my step mother. My mother wanted us as children to come to our own conclusion at what religion we chose to follow, but the grandparents and step mother had a bit of an impact on my life. When I was young, about 9 or 10, as the story goes i started reading science books and decided god wasn't real. a year later i started reading all the books in my mother's library about paganism (she is a druid high priestess after all). I for four years, the entirety of junior high school. learning about magic, pendulums, auras, and tarot. conducted meditations, spells, made potions and went to my mother's rituals. by the time high school came around everyone knew i practiced witchcraft. some even feared me for my "powers". people even tried to convert me and exercise demons from me. also around this time i joined CTF to pick fights and what not. to be honest i was a bit of an *censored*. but i grew up and realized yall are goovy and what not. so i went on, building and burning bridges. doing magic, learning to communicate with stones. fornicating with a certain hot pagan man way to old for me. then i graduated and here i am today. but recently i have spent a lot of time alone. just sitting in the house with nothing but the internet (which can get painfully dull) and the animals. i haven't even seen any of my friends this year. but all that alone time has given me time to think. given me time to ponder. and then i remembered why i became pagan. i wanted to make my mom love me. i thought she hated having a christian child. she hated growing up with religion forced on her, she didn't want the same to happen to her kids, but she didn't want a child that gave into church. so i had made the decision to change for her. i realized this as i slowly realized more. there is a reason i have a bible. there is a reason i enjoy going to a church, even if it is a Unitarian Universalist church. there is a reason i love arguing about the bible so much. There is a reason I know the words to Jesus Messiah by Chris Tomlin. Being pagan was just a disguise. one that i incorporated into ever single individual facet of my life lying to myself, being someone that i'm not. The point i am trying to reach. The thing i have been avoiding literally half of my life. this is so hard to type, i am crying. I. Am. Christian. I love Jesus. He is my Lord and Savior. And I love him. And I know he loves me. And I am sorry. I am sorry for everything I have done. Everything I have said. And I feel lost and afraid. My mother would freak if she found out. My girl friend rolls her eyes at the Bible calling it "The book of evil" and i just dont know what to do. i have spent years lying to everyone, myself included. believing my own lies. it has cost me entire friendships. my virginity. everything. so yeah. that's me. can i get a new username now?
  5. WiccanCrow

    "Happy" - The first 24 hour music video

    ew, no, never say that again. both of you. i say it because it is ironic.
  6. WiccanCrow

    Obama Bad for Business?

    I love Obama!
  7. WiccanCrow

    "Happy" - The first 24 hour music video

    this is pretty swaggy
  8. WiccanCrow

    What book are you reading now?

    final fantasy and philosophy because i am so sophisticated
  9. WiccanCrow

    ban the person above me

    banned because ewwww
  10. WiccanCrow

    Rate the Above song

    8/10, it's nice enough i worked hard on this one. really hard. like half an hour.
  11. WiccanCrow

    Caption the avatar above you...

    i want juicy-juice!v
  12. WiccanCrow

    Backsliding forum addict.

    Hello and welcome and what not. I'm a poet. probably the worst one you will ever meet ever
  13. WiccanCrow

    Hi I'm. New

    hELLO AND WElcome. we are all here to help.