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    College student.

    I'm a simple guy with complex thoughts.

    My faith is ever-evolving, but I've never truly waivered in my belief in God.

    Love Music, all kinds. Demon Hunter to Trance to Marvin Gaye to Lecrae to Bob Marley to The Black Keys and pretty much anything else you could think of.

    I really enjoy making other people's lives better in some way, whether helping them overcome some issue or just lending a timely smile to a stranger.

    I love Transcendentalism (Thoreau, Emerson, Whitman and such).

    Love being out in nature, whether a Sunday ride through the country, or riding dirt bikes and ATVs, or camping... I enjoy it all.

    Also, I really enjoy Martial Arts... You could say Bruce Lee is my idol lol
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    Calhoun, GA
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    Music, Basketball, Motocross, School, Psychology, Nature
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    Pharmacy Technician
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    Transcendentalist - Non Denominational - Pentecostal
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    C.J. Nesbitt
  1. My problem is with this. I can see a Christian's rationale for making marijuana illegal, however from a secular stand point it doesn't make much sense. As far as marijuana harming one's body, most research points away from this.
  2. I say decriminalise it all. Do your research. Weed is nearly the safest of all drugs (behind only Shrooms and LSD). It relaxes and relieves pain. Cannabinoids promote neural growth where nicotine and caffeine discourage it. It can be taxed, immediately generating billions. Researchers are finding more medical use everyday. If decriminalised and amnesty given for all prisoners sentenced for weed related offenses, our prison population would drop drastically. No more wasting time and resources chasing harmless users and sellers. I don't see any negatives, actually.
  3. Interesting. I would say something about not restricting/suppressing fringe beliefs in the SoF, but I suppose I'm not here frequently enough anymore to care quite honestly. Also, would it be possible to get our "Settings" button back?! After the update a while back, the settings button between "My Profile" and "Log Out" turned into a small, invisible (yet clickable) feature.
  4. I, for one, was exceedingly happy when the House of Commons voted against action in Syria. I only wish Obama would listen to the people for once. Not that other presidents have traditionally listened any better, just that, when the public is so resoundingly against his decision, surely an elected official should take note.
  5. "Captain Planet! He's a hero! Gonna take pollution down to ZE-RO! He's a super-powered guy, and he's fighting on the planet side!"
  6. I'm rather egalitarian. I voted Essentialist Feminism because it sounded like a sane position amidst a list of crazy, overthought hooplah. Men and women are different, but equally as "good" (if one were inclined to label entire halves of the population in such finite terms). Any indication that one gender/race/etc. is inherently better than another leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
  7. Totally got Zabby on this one. I've had far more exposure to Kevin Conroy's Batman than any other and his is the best in my opinion, if only for sheer familiarity. Also, love Will Friedle as Terry McGinnis.
  8. Yeah, my buddy has a weight set and we work out at his house. My back is probably the strongest part of my body, currently. If you could only listen to one artist/band for the rest of your life, who'd it be?
  9. I feel traditional/structural denoms would incorporate structured prayer more liberally than others. Because I was raised strictly on spontaneous prayer, I use nothing else. Sans meal prayers, generally.
  10. You've completely disregarded the spiel about the history and meaning of "retard" and its sister words "idiot," "imbecile," "moron," "cretin," etc. They ALL began as the literal term for one who was mentally disabled, yet as they acquired a more widespread use (particularly as an insult), they lost their original, medical meaning (and overly offensive connotation). Thus the word "retard," though the most recent example (and as such, not fully devoid of the overly evocative link to the handicap), is destined to become an acceptable, if insulting, term. Your mistake is ignoring the fact that "idiot" and "retard" began with both the same definition and the same purpose. "Dam'n" and "drat" simply fell into the same usage. This all came about when LewieGee felt inclined to call Ashley immature for using said word.
  11. I'm sorry, but having not lived there nor having any consistent communication with anyone from over the pond, I would have no clue as to the weight of those words in the UK. I simply meant to point out that the term "retard" (like the terms "idiot," "moron," and "imbecile") is almost entirely disjunct from the population it originally described (the mentally disabled). Those who use the word "retard" should not be subjected to such hypocritical stigmata when the accusers have more than likely used a myriad of its sister words. Regardless, this whole diatribe is utterly OT. ---------- Post added at 04:12 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:08 PM ---------- I responded to most of this with the previous. Point was, throwing stones at those who use "retard" when you yourself have probably used "idiot" is imbecilic (see what I did there?). EDIT: My apologies for the punctuation remark. It appears the US and UK have different policies regarding that rule.
  12. The whole stigma with the word "retard" is retarded anyway. Did you not know that nearly every one of our insults on a person's intellect began as a literal medical term? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Retard#History_of_the_terminology Also, if you're going to correct someone, at least try to use correct sentence structure. Punctuation goes inside quotation.
  13. 10/10 for bumping
  14. I mean... I smoke Black and Milds occasionally, but I don't smoke regularly at all. This question wasn't really about myself though. It was mainly just a thought.