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  1. Well, I went to Uni and had a pretty bad year. Ended up moving back in with the parentals around this time last year and got on the work grind. Finally got back in school this semester and have been doing the whole work-school-eat-sleep schedule for a few months now. Anyway, I found myself sitting down at the same computer desk I used to frequent years ago and decided to have a little flashback friday. Wanted to see if anyone was still around. I guess so! lol. So much has changed for me s...

    1. Christopherjr


      since the days of browsing CTF for hours and hours everyday. And it seems CTF has been changing as well. Who else stuck around?

    2. Christopherjr


      And how are you??

  2. Very long time. CTF looks weird man! haha

  3. Reefer, hubby...

  4. The forums convicted me. Being a Senior, I decided to branch out on my own, try to ditch the choir boy routine. It worked a little too well. I started smoking rather regularly and knocking back the occasional drink...

  5. Well, I'm about to head to university which is a well needed change, but understandably brings a little anxiety. This isn't really the problem though. Because this was my Senior year of high school, I wanted to let loose a little and try some stuff, which I did. I started smoking and kicked back a few drinks. My mom, knowing our family history, confronted me about it in a very dramatic, tears-streaming manner (having no inkling of reason to suspect anything) and I lied to her face about it. I'm just a little weary at this point, not sure exactly what my beliefs are or where my life is taking me.

  6. Struggling actually. I kinda ditched CTF because it convicted me... I'm just not sure where I'm headed at the moment.

  7. Just popping in... sorry for being an absent husband for a while now. :unsure:

  8. Thanks for the help man. Nice to have you on the boards.

  9. Checked your About Me by the way, you seem pretty cool. :) Nice to have you around.

  10. :laugh: It's all good lol. I really didn't take any offense whatsoever. No need to apologise, but thank you anyway!
  11. Wow, that's so great! Good luck with your songs, and Happy early birthday!

    Oh, and I hope you saw my post on your thread! I was being sincere, I hope you know we are definitely all good :). As long as you're ardently striving to remain in God's will, you have my full support!

  12. I'm pretty darn good lol. This is my Senior year of High school and it's chugging along as usual, but tomorrow is Region One Act competition for my drama club and I am so excited! We're doing a play entitled "Godspell" and it is essentially a Christian play (which is awesome because I was afraid it was going to be sacreligious :S). We have a serious chance at winning State this year! We took our One Act "Pippin" last year and got 3rd at State. Anywho, how goes it on your end? What's new?

  13. Haley! It feels like forever! How are you?

  14. That's okay, I'll be 18 in about 4 months. Lol. Oh and I quite enjoyed Ms. Roth's secular Pro-Life stance. I have always made a primitive version of her case when arguing my position by asserting that one with the potential to become a rationalising individual should retain the same rights as one who has developed into their rational mind. I simply found it quite interesting that on top of this, the abortion can not even take place until the heart begins pumping.

  15. Let me know how that tea turns out! haha

  16. Most of the time, we put the fresh tea directly into the refrigerator, but I usually pour a small cup while it's still hot... Hot sweet tea has the most wonderful rich flavour. Hope this helps!

  17. Hi Pelly! Read about your Sweet tea fiasco and thought I might be able to help. Here's some very simple instructions for some great sweet tea:

    First, set your stove top burner to High. Then fill a medium sized pot with approximately 1.2 liters of water. Place three tea bags in the pot and allow the water to come to a boil. Allow the pot to boil for about 10 seconds, then remove the pot from the burner and let it steep for about a minute. Fill a gallon (3.8 Liter) jug with 355-473mL of sugar. Then once the tea has steeped, pour the tea into the jug (using a spoon to keep the tea bags out of the jug). Make sure to press the tea bags with the spoon to squeeze any pent-up tea out of the bags. Once all of the tea is in the jug, fill the jug the rest of the way up with hot water and stir until the sugar has fully dissolved. That's it!

  18. Editting the siggy :thumbsup:

  19. John, my beloved, would you give me the honour of calling you my CTF hubby? We could be the most fabulous CTF gay couple.

  20. You need to CTF marry me. That is all.

  21. *bows* *bad Elvis impression* Thank ya, thank ya very much. Lol. I'm happy for you, now you've got another chance!

  22. You got like 170 hearts in one day! That's awesome.

  23. I've seen you around, nice to meet you new sister! lol