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    My name is Colin, and I don't really know what else to say about myself. I enjoy a good conversation about theology and philosophy, but I also enjoy to goof off from time to time.
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    Not Pennsylvania
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    I have a great interest in music and for writing. I have a blog (which I should update more frequently than I do) which I get my thoughts on theology and God's word out. I love to write everything from essays for my history classes to poems. Music is also a huge interest of mine, I have a pretty wide music taste, but I primarily listen to indie. I love to dive into God's Word and deepen my knowledge of Him, too.
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    The 14th Apostle
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  1. Eating Papists? Why not eat a Pope?

  2. colinisreptar

    What book are you reading now?

    Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace. Easily one of the most astounding, complex, and beautifully written pieces of literature I've ever read so far.
  3. colinisreptar

    What book are you reading now?

    Right now I'm reading Mother Night by Kurt Vonnegut. Recently bought the book on Kindle and am really enjoying it. Very interesting plot. I suggest it.
  4. colinisreptar

    Is getting high a sin?

    Essentially most forms of entertainment, at least that's what I've deduced. Responsible drug use is just a form of entertainment that the Scriptures do not address, like video games, or bike riding, or watching T.V. or... you get my point.
  5. colinisreptar

    Is getting high a sin?

    I agree with this analysis. Also, on my thinking about drug use and its relation to Christianity, I've often tried to think of what things drug use is similar to, or its purpose. What I've realized is that drug use is, at least at a basic level, a form of entertainment. And while I agree that some forms of entertain me are outright called sinful in the bible, substance use is, as far as I've researched, not talked about in scripture. Basically, I have a hard time separating, at the most basic level, the difference between something like playing video games with some friends and smoking a joint or a bowl with some friends. Both release dopamine, your brains reward chemical, which keeps you makes you enjoy the activity. If you view the altered state as a form of entertainment, I feel it is hard to make a legitimate argument against it, from a biblical standpoint, without ruling out many other things which the bible is more-or-less silent about. As far as with its comparison to drunkenness, getting high is very different. And I don't just mean getting high from cannabis, I mean just about every other substance. In my past, I've experimented with the following: cannabis, MDMA (the main chemical in ecstasy), hydrocodone (or Vicodin/Norco), Xanax, Klonopin, Ritalin, Adderall/Vyvanse (which are amphetamines), and alcohol. In comparison, I can honestly say that the psychoactive effects of all of the chemicals prior to alcohol do not impair you in ways similar to the feeling of being drunk. After smoking, you often just feel relaxed and at ease, things are funnier, colors are more vivid, you appreciate music more, and food tastes better. Alcohol, on the other hand, impairs your vision, your coordination, your judgement, etc. It is clear to me why drunkenness is called out in the bible. But I never really found other drugs to inhibit you or affect you as severely as alcohol does. Contrary to the popular belief that alcohol isn't as bad as many street drugs, it is, in just about every way, a much harder substance than most street drugs.
  6. colinisreptar

    Legalizing Drugs

    Indeed they do. But the issue of legalization/decriminalization is centered around the idea that drugs aren't bad for you--because they most certainly are after moderate to heavy use--but rather that the current policies regarding drugs are ineffective and that legalization or decriminalization would actually help the drug problem, resulting in less spread of disease due to drugs, less overdoses, and less of a stigma against drug addicts allowing them to seek help without fearing the nearly universal judgement they would receive from their peers. As for the empirical evidence proving that decriminalization is a far more effective policy than the prohibition of basically every psychoactive substance, you only need to examine the studies done on Portugal and see how they have had significant improvement with their drug problem since they decriminalized /all/ substances ten years ago.
  7. colinisreptar

    Legalizing Drugs

    Bump this thread :3 The topic is interesting, and I feel like people need to understand the legalization/decriminalization stance better prior to taking such strong stances against it, like many people do today.
  8. colinisreptar

    What Are you Listening to VIII

    Creature Fear by Bon Iver.
  9. colinisreptar

    What would you ask God?

    If I were face to face with God, I don't think I would have any questions to ask. His being is enough.
  10. colinisreptar

    Free will and time.

    You wanna back that up?
  11. colinisreptar

    What Kind of Chocolate do you prefer?

    Milk Chocolate is classic. Nothing's better than a milky and crumbly Cadbury Flake. Yum
  12. colinisreptar

    You know what irks me?

    You're argument isn't very persuasive.
  13. I needed that. Thanks. May God bless you more than he has.

  14. Hope you're walking in the light and enjoying fellowship with Christ. Consider Him (Hebrews 3:1).

    God bless.

  15. colinisreptar

    Should there be a law?

    Law doesn't need to be based on morality, really. Let's take traffic laws, for example--actually, more specifically, traffic laws regarding parking. If you get a ticket/fine/towed for parallel parking on the side of the street during hours that parking is prohibited you didn't do anything immoral; however, you did break the law. This law, regarding parallel parking on a street, is one that is based on safety and order; it is not based on the ethical status of parallel parking on Main Street at 6AM on Monday through Friday. Is that clear? ---------- Post added at 12:42 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:37 PM ---------- That's a pretty ignorant look at the issue. The children don't fully comprehend what is going on and are essentially blindly forced into these competitions at very young ages--and often times, from what I gather, the reasons these children are put through this is for the parent to live some sort of deferred dream vicariously through his/her child. You can't just say it's dress up when a four year-old is being dragged around to partake in beauty competitions and having her mind inundated with ways of life that are a.) not the norm and b.) most likely not positively influencing them. Maybe if they weren't being dressed up in such sexualized clothing, it'd be a different story--sadly, it's not.