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    Well... I'm me, I guess.
    I'm Tim, a third-year medical student hoping to go into psychiatry. I tend to be quiet and a little messed-up.
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    Newcastle Under Lyme, England
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    Music (of pretty much every kind except rap), books, playing the piano/tuba, D&D, writing fiction, running and playing ancient RPG computer games.
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    Medical Student
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    Agnostic Atheist
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  1. Bobartles

    U.S. Intervention in Syria

    Looks like he's leaving it up to Congress to decide.
  2. Bobartles

    Can Rape Exist Between a Married Couple?

    Rape is sex without consent. Marriage still allows people to withhold consent to sex; nobody is 'entitled' to sex. So if a married man has sex with his wife without consent, that is rape. This isn't particularly difficult.
  3. *unpopular opinion coming up* Stay with her, that's my advice. Shouldn't be long until she realises that the whole witchcraft stuff doesn't do anything.
  4. Bobartles


    It worries me that you only seem to want to spend time with me when you're drunk.
  5. Got something here for you guys to talk about. It shocked me a little; I held similar views when I was still a Christian, and couldn't really talk about them without getting shouted down by the more hard-line Christians I knew. Strange to think that the new Pope has the same ideas. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/05/22/pope-francis-good-atheists_n_3320757.html Have at it. *dons hard hat and ducks*
  6. Aw.... :( I hope everything gets better for you, I really do. Life for me has been mostly good. On track for getting my degree in nursing, just moved into a new place, and just trying to find a job with enough hours. :P Kind of stressful, but otherwise good. lol

  7. Been better, thanks, but I'm holding up well. :) Better than when I left, anyway. How's life for you?

  8. Hahaha, this is very good to know! It's been a while, how are ya??

  9. I'm still alive. :)

  10. Bobartles


    I don't know how I can deal with this. Suddenly finding out that you've never really been interested in him, and both of us realising that we still have strong feelings for each other... so soon after what happened last week. I don't know what to think, and I'm definitely going to need time to deal with what's going on in my head right now. Also, please turn your phone on. You know how I worry about you, especially after conversations like the one last night. Please don't suddenly drop out of contact after throwing something so huge back into my life.
  11. Bobartles


    It's not working out. We can both see it, we both know that we're not happy, but we're both still franticallly hanging on and hoping it will all go away. I don't know what to do.
  12. Emergency would be incredible. Im sure you'll figure it out soon enough. You only have another 5 years to go :P

    Im doing theology. So you can imagine thats really fast paced too.

  13. Ha, I don't feel it. Everyone else on the course is scarily clever, and it's really hard keeping up. Not too sure what I want to specialise in myself... maybe emergency medicine?

    What are you doing at uni? :)

  14. I am pretty swell thanks.

    Oh thats cool! You must be pretty smart! Do you know what you want to specialise in?

    I've just finished my second year too. You are very much more north then I am. hah.

  15. Bobartles

    Picture Post

    Went to visit my best friend from school in York a few days ago. She took this of me when we had an epic Nerf-gun battle.