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  1. JesusIsLife1993

    Seeking accountability

    Hey Morningdew, So I struggle with porn and self gratification too- as I'm 99% positive most guys do. One thing that I noticed really helps me when I'm being tempted or if I want to get my mind onto something else, I'll put Worship Music on and Worship, or I'll put Soaking Music and Soak in God's Presence and just ask Him to fill me and purify my mind. I know you got rid of your TV and Computer that you had in your room: which is a great idea, another idea though if you're home alone and on the computer (if you're still keeping one) go onto ihop.org and go to the prayer room tab... this is the web address http://www.ihop.org/Publisher/Article.aspx?ID=1000058181 I don't know if you know what IHOP is, but it's located in Kansas City and stands for International House of Prayer and has Worship and Prayer going 24/7, and it helps me most of the time, if I let God speak to me through the computer and focus on the Worship Team and the people who are being touched by God. If you need any help or anything else, feel free to PM me. God Bless you man, JesusIsLife1993
  2. JesusIsLife1993

    I need help

    I might have to go and find that book, is there any store I can get it? Or do I have to order it online?
  3. JesusIsLife1993

    How do I deal with this?

    But what if she DOES forgive you? If she truly loves you like you say you guys do (since you're planning on getting married) then she'll forgive you and understand that you were a "dumb" freshman who didn't know what else to do. I do think you should tell her, because she could help you get through this too, and you won't have to hate yourself as much if at all anymore- because you have someone else to help you through it. I'm pretty sure she'll understand. Best of Luck, God Bless, PM me if you need to talk. =) Curt
  4. JesusIsLife1993

    I need help

    So, I know that there are many other threads out there that are saying that someone wants an Accountability Partner: I've posted to a couple of them, but haven't gotten any response back yet. So I figured I need to make my own post. After I found CTF, I found one of the Accountability Partner threads, posted and someone (not going to name his name) responded and said he could help me. I was soooooo set on starting a purity quest thing because I don't want to masturbate anymore. Anyways: that "Accountability Partner" lasted for maybe 4 days.... He totally got me confused on what I was thinking and I feel in a way that he manipulated my thinking into what he believes. That is a whole other story that I don't feel like getting in to now.... But Since then I haven't been able to get the "self-control" or help that I need to stop this thing that is pretty soon going to turn into an addiction (if it hasn't already). The part that bugs me the most is that: I CHOOSE to do this thing instead of talking with God (or you could call it praying, but I more so like to talk with my Father in Heaven) and then I just "skip" the talk. I want to be someone who is WHOLE HEARTEDLY "A Man after God's Own Heart" and not have to have this sin in between my relationship with Him. And I don't want to hear that I don't have to pray 24/7 and that "no one does that".... WELL I WANT to be someone who is praying for every person I meet or come across with. I really need help and if someone on here is willing to help me that'd be greatly appreciated. -Oh by the way I'm 17. God's Blessings and Thanks, JesusIsLife1993
  5. JesusIsLife1993


    Wow, that's really freaky: but when reading it all I thought of was: that's got to be a demon. First off, if you have a dream like that again and you wake up- command whatever it was to be gone in Jesus' name, because you have authority over the devil and his minions. Umm, I would continue to pray each night for God to give you His dreams and things like that. I can see why you're completely freaked out: but I wonder why your siblings had a nightmare the same night? That's just weird. I'm praying for you. God Bless and may He grant you His dreams.
  6. JesusIsLife1993

    CTF Band

  7. JesusIsLife1993

    CTF Band

    I called it a band, because I was talking about like a Band in school... Not a "celebrity" music band or something like that. If that makes any sense
  8. JesusIsLife1993

    CTF Band

    Umm, I don't think you guys really understand the idea of the post... I'm saying to have a Band like a Concert/Symphonic Band in School- not a band with vocals, screaming, choir robes.... A BAND/Orchestra-mainly the Band part.
  9. Hey! Haven't talked to you in a while. Did you end up going to that camp? And Just how's it going?

    PM me. =)

  10. JesusIsLife1993

    Accountability Partner

    I personally had someone who was my accountability partner (from CTF) for not even a week, he was older and would have been a mentor more so- because he understood what I was going through: with the same experiences thing.... but that did not work for me... I'm not going into detail on here but Jarrax you can PM me if you'd want to know more about it.... As for you Coreybates: if you are still looking for an accountability partner for over the internet: I'm looking for one too.. I stuggle with the porn every now and then: but more so it's masturbation for me, I was doing really good (almost a week, in my first attempt, and was doing fine) then I started talking to my "accountability partner" who, well kind of made it harder to pass the temptation to relieve myself, and brought the temptation on more.. So if you'd like to be accountability partners feel free to PM me. God Bless.
  11. JesusIsLife1993

    Hey Guys

    Hey Gizere! I'm a 17 year old guy who is only a few years (maybe 3 or 4) into my life of being a Christian... so I maybe able to offer some help. I guess just surrounding yourself with people who can encourage and "push" you forward and deeper in your relationship with Jesus, will help. And find someone who you can talk to about your questions and faith too. A lot of people say to read the Word, which I'm currently working on.. it's not going so well... but I'm reading a Proverb each day (so the day of the month, so today I read Proverbs 3) and I'm also reading through John. PM me if you have any questions or want to talk. =).. Welcome to CTF!
  12. JesusIsLife1993

    who do you pray to as a Christian?

    I pray to my Daddy, and I guess it's not so much as praying as talking to Him. I try to listen and soak every now and then, but I need/want to get into the habit of soaking daily, so I can hear His voice better. =)
  13. JesusIsLife1993

    Atheism; A religion?

    I don't really know if I'd say it's a religion.... but I do think that it takes a lot of faith to say that there's no God at all.
  14. JesusIsLife1993

    my testimony

    That's great that you were able to hear God's voice when it might of felt like there was no hope left.... I also believe that Testimonies aren't only where you've been, or how you came to know God... but also where you're going: or plan to to.. So what do you plan to do?
  15. JesusIsLife1993

    Hiiii everyone!

    Welcome! I hope CTF will be more than you expected it to be: shoot me a PM if you want to talk. =)