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    my name is mercy and i love sports and being active! i run xc, and track and play basketball. i love to play my trumpet and french horn and i sing for my school choir. i love to read my Bible and go to church. i hope to meet some great christians on this site!
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    music <3 sports, GOD!
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    HS student
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    Mercy Kroh
  1. you are all wrong...LLAMAS are the best!
  2. okay so i've been a member on this site for a few months but i havent really met anyone new....soooo! if anyone's intrested in contacting me go right ahead i have a facebook too so add!! here are some things about me if it interests you guys .Sports (bball, xc, track)= amazingness .I play french horn, trumpet and a little guitar .Im a Christian (obviously HAHA) .I love to laugh but im sometimes pretty shy around new people :/ ...yeah thats it Cant wait to hear from you! -Mercy
  3. hey! welcome to ctf!
  4. woooow
  5. ...im just going to say hi..HI!
  6. haha i agree with Jebbrook. apes will be apes
  7. i agree...more color
  8. sorry i just need post..so im posting this random message
  9. hey! welcome to ctf!
  10. everyone's amazing
  11. hey! welcome!
  12. welcome to ctf!
  13. Welcome!
  14. french horn trumpet and guitar (well attempting to learn it) hahha. i love it!