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    my name is mercy and i love sports and being active! i run xc, and track and play basketball. i love to play my trumpet and french horn and i sing for my school choir. i love to read my Bible and go to church. i hope to meet some great christians on this site!
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    music <3 sports, GOD!
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    HS student
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    Mercy Kroh

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  1. triplechew

    Pirates vs Ninjas

    you are all wrong...LLAMAS are the best!
  2. Hey, i can tell :) Thanks...

  3. Hey, I accepted your friend request.

  4. okay so i've been a member on this site for a few months but i havent really met anyone new....soooo! if anyone's intrested in contacting me go right ahead i have a facebook too so add!! here are some things about me if it interests you guys .Sports (bball, xc, track)= amazingness .I play french horn, trumpet and a little guitar .Im a Christian (obviously HAHA) .I love to laugh but im sometimes pretty shy around new people :/ ...yeah thats it Cant wait to hear from you! -Mercy
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    New member here. :)

    hey! welcome to ctf!
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    Giga Pudding

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    ...im just going to say hi..HI!
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    Donkey Kong

    haha i agree with Jebbrook. apes will be apes
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    CTF Needs more color.

    i agree...more color
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    sorry i just need post..so im posting this random message
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    Hey there, I'm new ^^;

    hey! welcome to ctf!
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    everyone's amazing
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    Hello everyone!

    hey! welcome!
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    Hey! =)

    welcome to ctf!