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  1. Its the norm for the big money hungry Corporates. Makes sense to me. But feel free to think otherwise..as you are already doing.
  2. You need an explanation? this makes me sad. Its not that we are to protect them as such, more so, to treat them with care and kindness. They don't need protecting. Humans need restraining. For the sake of Convenience Animals must be treated like this to keep up with our high maintenance, consumerist culture. Animal cruelty IS IMPORTANT. Because It is likely, that if a person can mistreat an animal, he will also mistreat human beings. Its wicked to abuse the power and dominion Gods given us over these beautiful creatures. Pro 12:10 A righteous man regardeth the life of his beast: but the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel. The society we live in makes me sick. ---------- Post added at 09:01 AM ---------- Previous post was at 08:57 AM ---------- Firstly, Killing animals for sport or any other purpose thats not practical is complete vanity and shouldn't be done. Secondly, What are you trying to say? That animals aren't worthy of care, love or kindness? Thirdly, Why do you have to talk like that?... Edit; Ohh..your an Atheist. It all makes sense now. Don't even bother answering any of my questions.
  3. WARNING: This trailer shows EXREMELY graphic footage of animal cruelty. I was awed the whole way through...it is so terrible :'((. Sadly, it is the truth of what is happening... http://www.earthlings.com/ P.S, Your Thoughts..? D';
  4. I read this article today..i thought i might share it will all of you's. I think its..really important.. its a little long; though written well - nonetheless interesting. Hope someone gets effected by it, as did i. Its something to think about.. God Speed to all of you guys, in seeking the LORD about this matter. Infact, in seeking the amazing and awesome GOD for every matter. http://www.eternallifeministries.org/laughter.htm P.S, thoughts?
  5. Amen <3 Songs should be reverencing Christ, not pleasing yourself.
  6. i have never had reoccurring dreams before...mine are pretty scattered. Tyro, Preciouse. thats nuts.
  7. Sure are ^^ I am full of that stuff.
  8. Precious...Squishy...lets form a group called the soberones. (: jk, but seriously Peter o_O
  9. I can understand why you would think he was being a suck up... But honestly, it was a very nice comment Dont be mean! ---------- Post added at 10:22 PM ---------- Previous post was at 10:20 PM ---------- hahahhaha i was thinking the exact same thing when i read that too, Squishy ^^ Btw Faith...your post made me laugh inside my mind! i would have loled but i mean...im just in one of those super chilled moods right now. ---------- Post added at 10:35 PM ---------- Previous post was at 10:22 PM ---------- Thats fine to say that, and i get what your saying, bashing on people is not nice; but i wasn't and i dont think anyone else was either (not totally sure).. i/we just called the makeup he wears gross - Just like when you see a dress on a model you dont like, it looks dreadful, so you say "gosh, that dress looks dreadful" Though the model might be beautiful. Imma just goinna say that my opinion on this matter is, im not a fan of makeup on guys, i think guys should LOOK like guys..and girls should look like girls. Manlyness is wonderful
  10. I've just decided to let it be, i really dont want to debate anymore about this. Just letting all those know who i promised a response to. Just know, its not coming..
  11. ewww, dude! Kisss is so nasty.
  12. Talking about makeup on guys Peter (: Example; (ewww, nasty!)
  13. Oh you so shall tehe ^^ Zek it is (: