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    I've lived in the same state all my life. I write. Have subdued OCD. And I want to help the homeless :)
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    Don't worry, I'm ALWAYS located to the left of the right of me, and to the right of the left of me.
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    I like to write. Draw. Think about my book series. Hangin with friends :) watching movies.
  1. Hey! Welcome to CTF!

  2. author_within

    You Laugh, You Lose

    Does anyone else come here just to get a laugh?
  3. author_within


    Confessions? Sure, yeah. -Things won't be the same -We're all so much alike, I've never noticed before. -I don't know where you are, or even who you are, but I'd sure like you to get here right about now. -My strength? The written word. I am not the same person in real life. Socially awkward, Unathletic, don't care for sports. -I want a best friend. Someone I can tell everything to. Everything. Someone to hang out with. Someone who can tell me anything. Someone who doesn't talk so much that they don't listen. Yeah, that sounds ideal...
  4. If you're online, I'm on skype. I'll explain.

  5. author_within

    I have a question...

    I don't see anything wrong with interracial marriages. My dad doesn't like the idea of me marrying black lady (which is more polite? "Black" or "african american"?.) I honestly don't care for that view. But he also understands that if it's real love, then it doesn't matter. Honestly here in FL, more specifically my church, I'm seeing more interracial marriages (specifically black and white) and I think it's a beautiful thing. People are finally looking past racial barriers and are looking into the heart of a person instead of dismissing them as "not an option". One of my brother's closest friends is in a relationship with a girl of different race. Honestly I think they make a better couple than some same-race realationships. But that's just on the outside. They are both people/ Race doesn't matter.
  6. author_within


    Confession time? Sure. - You're confusing the CRAP out of me! Ugh. Okay, but I've given it to God. Maybe you're a mirror reflection of me, do one thing, say another? Maybe, I don't know, but it would make things a whole lot easier if you were honest with me about this... Plus, even if you did admit it, I'm sure it wouldn't work out. You're cool and all, and a great person, but we're two totally different people from two different worlds. - I don't know what to say without making things weird. I'm sorry about what happened, and I'm here. x2 - You're lazy beyond comprehension. You can defend the faith like nothing and yet you're drowning in sin. You fool. - Hi I dunno if it'll happen, but I don't ever want you out of my life. You're a special friend. If you left my life, Church wouldn't be the same, the other youth group wouldn't be the same, and my social life would take a major hit. I may be social, but I'm not close with anyone else but you, save my own family, and my cousin, which is because he's my best friend. But the point is, you're one in a trillion when it comes to being you. You're the only one in the youth group I can talk to about... well, just life stuff. I don't know if you know what it's like when you're not there. I can talk to people, and yet there's noone to talk to. I can chat, but I'd rather chat with you... ... ... ... Once again, if you left my life, things would get harder and less colorful. Now... posting witout spellcheck
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    IRL, - Boy am I glad that was a dream. Ruggedness? Haha, that's not me. - Last night you asked me, well the group, but whatever, what was one thing that I needed to work on in my life? I'm going to say here what I didn't there. "One of the things I need the most is someone to be my accountability partner, to keep tabs on me every day and ask how I'm doing." The problem is, I didn't neccesarily want it to be you. If I said that there, then you would have probably offered, and what? Am I going to deny your offer? Anyway, you have a lot going on. If you were that partner to me it would seem like just another thing you have to do. - CTF, please get rid of the pop-up ad. I can't go on here as much as I would have on my little mobile device which has no pop-up blocker becasue I'm redirected to the ad. Annoying. - D-Now is going to be awesome. That aside, why in the world would we be going to the SNL service? As I've heard, we get the same message the next morning, which is part of the D-Now tradition. Now, why are we filling up our saturday night with a double of what we will hear later? That seems like a waste of time and a desperate "We'll make them go so they can see the service so they can see how awesome it is and will want to come to the church." Waste. Of. Time. I'd rather prank with more live animals. - I'm not sure ;__;. I had it all planned out, but now he's got me thinking. But I still want to be really good friends. Agapella. - I don't want anyone ('cept one ) to get thoughts that I like them... I'm just a nice guy o_o I'm sorry.
  8. author_within

    Ask A Guy

    I think it's great. I have a friend who does that a lot. She's got that along with a balance of seriousness and casual talking So, as an answer to your question, it's often not a problem, but you can't always be like that. Maintain a balace, talk about other stuff with less that the previously mentioned amount of randomness, although you could sprinkle it in there occasionally, so long as you don't go into a fit of randomness... I guess...
  9. author_within


    So, what do I have to do to jump into this "Bored" stuff?
  10. author_within

    Have You Ever

    No, but that must take a lot of concentrating. Ever eating a boiled egg with peanut-butter?
  11. author_within

    OT- Sozin's Conquest

    I'm actually hoping to get my character approved. If that happens there'll be a non-bending character in the RPG
  12. author_within

    Alright, so I need some "outside" advice, anyone game?

    USAoutlaw, If your desire for revenge is truly overridden by that desire to see her safe and psycholigically well, that is an EXTREMLY good thing. Honestly, I kinda just want to hug her right now and tell her everything will be okay. I sorta live by this motto: "Be the change" Cliche , I know, but you could litterally be the very thing that keeps her sane. By you always being there for her and always loving her NO MATTER WHAT (Even if she hates you and stops talking to you) You could be the very thing in her life that says with your actions that there is good in the world. It sounds like she's been through so much. I just hope that you love her despite anything. Always be there for her. If she has a nervous breakdown, be there. If she gets sick, be there. Be the change. I hope things turn out well you you guys.
  13. author_within

    What do guys think about girls with facial hair?

    Women have the right to have facial hair if they want to, that's not in question. Guys' thoughts on the matter? Mine, personally, is no. We have our own hair jetting out of our faces and that seems quite enough for us X). Now if there was a movement of several generations where girls wanted to grow hair on their face, then maybe in about 50-100 years guys will find it normal and think nothing more of it than they do with the color of the girl's eyes. (Thoughts, submited.)