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    i just want to be crazy for God and chase after his love for ever and to come in relationship with him until he calls me home
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    Heavbound homeboii
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    music and basketball and rapping
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  1. Is it possible for God not to hear you, or him to shut you out
  2. is it bad to create a world in your head and use it to escape from lifes problems or just jump into it for fun. what if its like a action world that haves a girl and a guy who are agents and are inlove this may sound child-ish but im not the only one who creates a world in their heads
  3. The only thing i can say is suicide period is not the answer, and that God holds life and death he chooses weather we live or die so if we take our own lives we are basically trying to do his Job and i don't believe that God would be ok with us taking our own lives.people who commit suicide dont know they are thinking about self or the problem never the problem solver, we dont realize Gods loves and dont realize that God said that he wont put on us more than we can bear. Godslove is what im trying to realize and trust in today im still learning but sucide is not the answer.
  4. hey every one this is faith+grace. Does anyone no any practices that will increase my faith in God, cause i just need to learn to be obedient and trust God with my life. (any suggestions )
  5. My uncle has just past and after the funeral theirs a bill i love my uncle dearly but right now we need all the prayers we can get can any just keep praying for my family our family name is the Taylor family please pray for us love you guys
  6. im have on basket ball shorts and a long black sleeve
  7. How do you exactlly meditate
  8. imSorry but i disagree allah is not God God is God im sorry.And as for the trinity there all one God the father God theson and God the holyspirit is all oneWe worship one God and one God only and as for me the biggest thing im looking for is salvation redemption forgiveness of my sins a change of my heart and spirit renewing of my mind realationship with God eternil life with God and to never see the gates of hell oh yea and WELL DONE MY GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANT
  9. Honestly i can't give you any advice cause im kind of going through the same thing.But i hear people telling me that when Gods about to do something in your life, the enemy will attack or when God is about to take you higher or let you walk in his destiny that he haves for you the enemy will attack. So please just keep the faith cause when you do, you make the enemy mad and most of all just by keeping the faith you encourage christians that are struggle to never give up or doubt God.(i love God to with all my heart im just having some trouble)sincerely faith+grace
  10. ill be praying for you to on both situtations
  11. When i came to this new church like 2years ago this guy gave me his number. Hes kind of my type hes cute funny, and some other stuff. So now i no he still likes me cause he always wants to talk, is it possible that i might marry this guy.He calls my mom, mom hes friendly to my parents,my parents really like him.Its kind of strange.Im 15 and hes 17 and he haves been doing all of this ever sense i was 13 its really wired cause every time i think about him i think we are going to get married, and right now i dont really have feelings for him cause i think he's just a friend but he always makes me laugh always giving me hugs he respects me, we are always joking with each other.(strange) So what do you guys think.
  12. Ive been a person who have been tryn to change but always find myself back where i started. I cant see in the spiritual realm if im changin but i know i have to have faith but i just dnt know, nothing seems right, i just feel lost right now. Is this all in my head, am i truely changing but dnt realize it cause im just looking at the problem. Will i ever change, am i getting somewhere with God is God gonna change me to exalt his name.
  13. Faith= this is something i have very lil of and need to put in God Grace= because its something that i need God to bless me with(his grace) both together means that i can do all things through christ but without faith i cant see Gods plain for my life and without Gods grace i feel alone.
  14. wow i think its great better than the last one lol