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    Love the Triune God. Love history, it's amazing. I'm a Messianic Jew/protestant. Love reenacting
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    Charleston, SC
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    Civil War reenacting, friends, writing, gaming, exploring, learning
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    write articles for school in the Post and Courier
  1. captswampfox

    Family Covenants--Do you have any?

    No, when my mom says to do a chore, I grudgingly do it lol. That's about it
  2. captswampfox

    best friends

    yeah i have a best friend, and several good friends. my best friend and i are pretty tight, but there are things i would never tell them. i understand what you mean, though not really what you are trying to say
  3. captswampfox


    mah name is ben, like God, history, family, etc. wait you know me
  4. captswampfox

    The Empire Strikes Bank

    It was totally chad vaders doing
  5. captswampfox

    What are you reading in the Word?

    Proverbs. a great book if you ask me. using the Message Solo Devotional
  6. captswampfox

    2nd post in 2 yrs...

    hi sup im ben
  7. captswampfox

    Soli Deo Gloria's Birthday

    happy bday God bless