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  1. You going to make the spy or kid yet?

  2. Ignited Hero


    Cadran "Good idea Colin, get an investigative team ready. I will stay here and calm the children." Cadran said and turned and walked toward Lucas. "Lucas, could you go with Colin in search for anyone who is missing?" Lucifex She didn't say anything, so Lucifex grabbed her and slammed her against the wall. "I love the silent one's." he says with a demonic look in his eyes. "So much more fun to break." He brings out a short wicked looking knife. "Do you know what I am going to do with this?" He says coming up close to her yet again. Staring into her eyes he quickly cut her wrist.
  3. Okay, I will beautiful :P We need to talk. I have a plan.

  4. you should post boy! =D

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    Lucifex He had left a note for Kendra for when she returend Kendra, There is a woman who by the time you get here will have already been tortured. Give her your special treatment will you? But don't kill her. Lucifex. He walked towards the cemetery knowing that Kendra had failed, and ready to remedy that. James was unpredictable. "Hello little Zoey Amos, how are the memory's of what I did to your mother?" Lucifex says coming out of the darkness and stepping in front of the Wh*re. "Oh your crying. Your nothing like your mother, the whole time I did what I do best to her, she never cried...not once. In fact, only thing you and your mom have in common is that you are both Wh*re's" He took a step way to close to Zoe where she could feel his breath. "Kendra failed, but I won't. You die tonight." Alicia She had a group of men assigned to her that night, at first she thought Lucifex was going to let them rape her but no. They where to all to make sure she was probably punished. In their own twisted ways. One man had a whip, another had a club, another had a tazer. And many more items they had used on her. She wondered why she was still alive, and all she could do was cry. Cadran He was standing perfectly still. Awaiting for the beginning of the duel. Then he felt a faint rumble, very faint, but it was growing. Then it hit him, quite literally when a small rock fell from the ceiling. He knew he had to get everyone out now. "EVERYONE!!! CAVE IN!!! To the central flame chamber!" IT was the only place that would be a safe haven for them right now.
  6. Ignited Hero

    Consumed OT Thread.

    Don't forget the masked man. No one will see who he his coming. And oh yah OLH I am so sorry it hasn't taken me so long to get back to you, I had to figure some things out with the story, but sure the spy thing is great. And I need to give a shout out to my beautiful CTF wife for helping me gm this RP. You are so amazing!
  7. just posted another one.

  8. Ignited Hero

    Early Morning Drive

    This song was inspired by a drive to school...well today. hope you enjoy. Early Morning Drive Your ways are amazing, I may not always know, What your saying, But when that happens…. Take me on an early morning drive, One that this old man can’t survive, Show me your great and powerful love, And that it’s enough, On an early morning drive. I don’t know where I would be, Without your powerful grace, I don’t have the words to say, All I can do is just look for that place, On that early morning drive. Take me on another early morning drive, Where the old me can’t stay alive, Show me your great and amazing power, And that you are my strong tower, On an early morning drive. I may not always be, The man you want me to be, But I know your love, Your love is ever present, Even when times get rough, Your standing by. And ready to take me on, An Early morning drive. When I forget, When I don’t want to remember, When I fail, When I can’t get back up, I pray, That you take me one on another amazing, Early Morning Drive!
  9. Hey Blade, can you check out my new poem??

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    You. I say this is the last time, Just like the last time. I keep saying, I won’t fall again, I keep praying, And keep falling to sin. Why can’t I just break free? Break Free from these chains, These chains that bind me, Why can’t I get rid of these stains, I don’t know what to do, My options are few, Stay down here. Or I can fight my way back to you. Oh, I chose, YOU! My demons are clawing , My hopes are falling, I can’t make it back to you, I don’t know what to do. That’s when you jump in, And save me from this den, That’s when you show your love, That’s when I realize, your enough. That’s when I realize, It’s not about what I do, But about You.