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  1. iPraise


    I just want a second chance. I know I can do better than I did. I want to do better...for both of us. Why can't you just take me back and give me another try? I think it would be best for us...I feel God saying it's right. So what's wrong? I don't get it. You said I was worth it, yet you won't even prove it. Did you lie to make me feel better? Did you lie because you were afraid? Or do you just not want to go back on your word? I'm so afraid to talk to you...I don't want to hurt you anymore. I'm sorry I ever did. I just want you back. More than ever. I never knew what I had until it was gone...I love you. And I know you love me too. I'm so sorry...
  2. iPraise


    On the contrary...
  3. iPraise


    I actually DID have a reason... but I've forgotten it now O_o
  4. iPraise

    Favorite Female Member

    Reianna: Girlfriend. SunshinesurferX: She was so amazing :<
  5. iPraise


    I feel better now. I do. Just thinking about you and listing off the things I love about you makes me feel wonderful. Makes me feel.......awesome. Realizing what i have in life puts a smile on my face.
  6. iPraise


    I don't look, because I don't want other girls to feel bad about themselves
  7. iPraise


    I'm crying now. OT: Ya, he's pretty sweet.
  8. iPraise


    (I can relate to both of those...) I hate when they get upset because they ONLY got a 92%...in a class they should be taking next year.
  9. iPraise


    The arcade should give you CTF cash!
  10. iPraise


    And I think mine is. Seriously, they don't get any prettier than her. But hey, you'll disagree xD
  11. Ya, man! Not a problem :P

  12. Hey man thanks for the friend add :D

  13. iPraise

    anybody a fan of musicals?

    I like them. I love how cheesy they can be. ie "We're talking privately. Oh look now we're singing and dancing in a whole group of people that somehow know the same song and dance moves as us! wot." <3
  14. iPraise


    Why couldn't people treat me better? I strive to make them happy, but all I end up getting is yelled at. I just wanted you to be proud of me, but instead you're seeing me as a disappointment. All I saw was my worth. My worth amounting to nothing. You leave me broken and beaten by the side of the road and I hope someone comes along to fix me. Why can't you ever be the one to fix me? The smiles I smile and the life I live are both just fake acts to make you never know JUST what you do and what you've done. I often feel as if you never even care. I feel as if what you've done and are still doing are irreversible. Like nothing can ever go back to how it was. You scare me. But I'll always love you. I'm not scared of many people, but those few that do, you hold a very strong gift. To you, I'll back down from a fight. To you, I'll cave in. To you, I'll bend over backwards. But one day, I'll break. Will you be able to piece me together? All I did was love you. I never asked what was in it for me...