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  1. LewieGee

    Hozier - Take Me to Church

    "One if my brethrren asked me, 'who do you think will be top of division 1 this season, Manchester United or Leeds?' Ah, sayeth I wisely, The Lord God is top of division 1 every season of our world"
  2. LewieGee

    Hozier - Take Me to Church

    Classic JAG
  3. LewieGee

    Political Correctness

    Has the phrase "political correctness" ever been used except after being chastised for saying something offensive?
  4. LewieGee

    Homosexuality and the Last Judgment (A Parable)

    JAG in my head you are literally a big white guy with a pearly white smile in a dinner jacket who has a big stupid swivel chair in his office I want you to know that
  5. Given that you just said that anything which doesn't hinder the making of babies is fine, why no 'gimp suits' (apart from one's own sexual preferences?) Penetrative sex would often still be involved there. No comment on furries. People need to stop fantasising about having their stuff deep in wolves tbh
  6. LewieGee

    What Do You Do When Ticked Off?

    Slam-dunk the nearest atheist into the pavement
  7. LewieGee

    Hillary Clinton for President?

    If she starts being a little less hawkish, sure.
  8. Weeg, open your inbox.

  9. LewieGee

    a few questions

    Hello CTF; I have a couple of questions for you guys and I'd be very grateful for any serious answers. I guess I'm looking for your guys' personal opinions rather than the official line of a church (but referencing would be helpful to an extent). They're not meant to be provocative, but they're somewhat sensitive to an extent. I'm not a Biblical scholar, nor currently am I a practicing Christian (so no superfluous religious jargon please ) Also, I'm looking for general answers, but if there's some specific tenet of your own denomination which guides your answer (reliance on particular texts which help you reach a position, perhaps?) that would be helpful to know. 1. What is your position in regards to suicide? In what situations, if any, is it permissible or is it always morally wrong? Is it always sinful? 2. What do you think of euthanasia / assisting suicide in general, from a Christian POV? [For argument's sake, let's restrict this to cases where there exists unambiguous consent/intention from a terminally ill person who is of sound mind and cannot take their own lives] 3. What do you think of someone who encourages, aids or performs assisted suicide? Is THAT the sinful part of euthanasia? Are they more or less culpable than the person who seeks to take their own life? Is the position of a friend different from that of a doctor? [Again, I'm deliberately avoiding the word 'sin' but if you want to frame an answer like that, feel free] I know these are very huge and ambiguous questions, but I'd just like to see a range of views rather than an argument; I appreciate it's probably not easy to do this justice in a paragraph or whatever (I realise I am basically asking: tell me all of Christianity's views on death, suicide and euthanasia which people have written entire books upon...) Also if we have any mormons on-site (I can't remember if we do have any active members) I'd be particularly interested in hearing your response Thanks a million guys Also: hello.
  10. Lewie! How is Uni going?

  11. LewieGee

    What about sex?

    Dear target audience of this site, listen to me above what everyone else has said because I bought this website and my opinions are absolute.
  12. LewieGee

    A few days late...

    *fires single party popper then leaves forum for another few months*
  13. LewieGee

    Do dinosaurs still exist?

    I'm glad "articles" are more convincing to you than modern scientific consensus