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  1. Jack_Spaden

    They Call it French

    Like most everyone else has said, there is nothing wrong as long as you have self control.
  2. Jack_Spaden

    Unlikely Heroes OT

    hmmm... welll this could be interesting. Since my character lives to prevent conflict when he's in control of himself so he won't actually let anyone hurt ANYONE, but when he loses it he might hurt anyone.
  3. Jack_Spaden


    love creativity, used to be really into making websites and information based stuff.
  4. Dreamed about a new free fall carnival ride
  5. Wow I never knew there was such a huge difference.
  6. Jack_Spaden

    Free Will and God's Will

    I've always seen at as Man having free will but God having not only knowledge of what could happen at any whimsical choice we make but also know which one we are going to make. So agreeing with a few people here.
  7. Is lighter than most proffesional track runners/jumpers with no real training. Often writes out whole story ideas on receipt paper while working.
  8. Jack_Spaden

    Do you have a Girl Bestfriend?

    Yeah, I do too. Still close enough to call eachother brother and sister publically, even though we haven't really seen eachother over the summer. We go through college together, same major. It actually seems fairly common to have a "Girl" bestfriend. She doesn't know how I've started to feel about her though.
  9. Jack_Spaden

    What really needs to happen on CTF

    sad... well, I guess I've been in the nicer parts of the forum though. So I haven't noticed yet.
  10. Jack_Spaden

    Martial Art

    Ouch... I believe that anything military oriented brings pain... loads of it. I'm into sourthern Chinese boxing like Jeet Kwan Do and Wing Chun for practical application and Drunken Fist as a show sport.
  11. Jack_Spaden

    Do you think guys need to dress modestly?

    guys should wear clothes that actually stay on. It makes everyone happier, trust me.
  12. Jack_Spaden

    Lonely, I guess

    ouch... yeah, stuff happens like that, alot. Sorry to hear. Would say to start talking to that Christian boy that you know again, I mean nothing bad could come of it even if you are just looking for a friend.
  13. Jack_Spaden

    Unlikely Heroes

    Name: Max Trenton Age: 17 Ability: Super Physical strength, Super hardened skin. Side: Confused Appearance: http://quizilla.teennick.com/user_images/M/MA/MAN/MANGAWORM14/1251500791_3121_full.png Personality: Happy and upbeat, usually seeking to do any bit of work that needs doing. He is very outspoken and ready to help anyone but stray a little too close and you might hit a nerve. He always plays by the rules, seeing them as something that just needs to be followed. The only thing more important than rules or work has to be a close friend but he hasn't had one of those yet. Bio: Max was choosen to be and experiment based upon his name, the name M.A.X. stood for Maximum Apptitude Xenant. A human solder in the Xenant line that was meant to link up with cybernetics at a latter date and show the exponential limits that the human body is capable of handling. As a result most of the experimentation has ingrained itself in Max's head, remaining to this day as pent up emotion and cracked bits of training that he can not fully understand. His body can naturally acess the genetic power inside of it during stressful situation but to use it to it's true potential he would have to use various techniques and mind over matter techniques that he was taught during early training. Most of it was emotion depriving and very tramatic to the point that Max almost came to have two sides to his personality, one while using his strength and one while being normal. The hardened skin however is a constant factor and gives him protection from many things.
  14. Jack_Spaden

    Martial Art

    Who here either likes the idea or the actual practice? And what do you study?