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  1. cool! my first friend on the new site...the rest got erased:sad:. Oh well new beginnings!:hug:

  2. Hey, welcome to CTF... :D

  3. Hey! Thanks for adding me as a friend. :) Im Jordan btw. Welcome to ctf. This place is absolutely amazing.

  4. Welcome to CTF. (:

  5. thanx for adding me.

    and thanx for the welcome.

    im happy to join!

  6. i'm fine now,.

    nothing major.

  7. is everything ohkay?

  8. oohh gotcha. hah.

    like i'm really happy i found this site.!

    yesterday i wasn't do ehh so good,.


  9. i got the window open. i glance at it while im move through the website. idk bout jus jumpin in lolz.

  10. watching the full chat.? us talking lol.

  11. lolz. im jus watching. this website got a lot of stuff lolz.

  12. listening to music, & in the full chat, talkinn to folks,.

    & yashouldd.!

  13. haha. ohkay. i think ima join dat. i would love to meet more people.

    im jus looking around the website. u??