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    Well im Justin,Jai or Wolf.
    im a crazy,caring,passionate person who enjoys meeting new people.
    I am a christian and i have been married for 6 months now to my misses dani.
    I dont really know what to say on these things other than feel free to say hi ask me questions im a really open guy.
    i work security or as americans know us im a bouncer.
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    Old York
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    singing,writting,drawing,designing tattoo's,decorationg,watching tv,hanging out with friends,ps3,rapping,watching films,drinking
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    Tattooist,ghost hunter,security,bar worker
  • Denomination
    open minded christian
  • Name
    Jai(aka) WoLf

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  1. dr horribles sing along blog t shirt baggy jeans wolf belt smart jumper
  2. justinh

    Gay Marraige

    erm...if it wasnt for gay rights i wouldnt be married to my wife.... also if we were going by every rule in the bible we wouldnt be wearing wool we wouldnt cut our hair we wouldnt pierce our ear or get tattoos or have sex on certain days including sunday,mondays tuesday passover we wouldnt have the internet just saying to those who believe gay marriage"is against the bible" should pratice what they preach before slamming on us
  3. justinh

    0 Warning Points?

    it says i have 3 when an admin made a mistake on one of my points.....wouldnt worry about it too much as the site has only just come back and people will still be playing around and testing things.....
  4. justinh

    We're Back!

    now hang on i love the new setup its pretty cool however my profile come up with infraction points and states i have 3....but this is not the case an admin accidently gave me one and obviously it has not been removed.....whats up man
  5. justinh


    i am so bored.......i want to be back in the USA again
  6. justinh

    British Banter

    wow a british version of the bored and i didnt even realise because ive been away from CTF for a LONG time consentrating on work and moving well for a british person i want to be american lol
  7. hey all im back for a bit been working ALOT!

    1. slycooper


      Better than sitting on yer backside all day :P How has life been treating you?

    2. Madame Captain
  8. justinh

    How do you cure your hunger?

    strawberry and white chocolate milkshake
  9. justinh

    Picture Post

    so last year i was playing a zombie chase game this year i was the zombie some lovely photographers took this image of me whilst i was screaming and running at them
  10. justinh

    Caption the avatar above you...

    if i stand infront of this poster does it look like im wearing a cap? yup!
  11. justinh

    True Or False!

    false black or blue t/f you own more than one pair of trainers)sneakers)
  12. justinh

    The Last Thing You Said

    "im sorry i cant get to boston im based in the UK it's a UK company"
  13. justinh

    How do you cure your hunger?

    cheese and ham pasty!
  14. justinh

    What Makes You Smile?

    that is the most random video ive seen apart from the turtle humping a shoe lol oh gosh angry kid makes me smile!
  15. justinh

    Picture Post

    hey its been a long time since i last posted on here so here's an image of me i've lost a load of weight and slowly growing my hair haha