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  1. hey all im back for a bit been working ALOT!

    1. slycooper


      Better than sitting on yer backside all day :P How has life been treating you?

    2. Madame Captain
  2. hey welcome to ctf :)

  3. that she is *pats back* Mind melds... the last time I heard the words "my mind to your mind", I had a headache for two weeks my favorite line

  4. i will be sure to keep you in mind :) thanks so much for the support

  5. hey yeah it was me

    to be honest we were evicted we are now stopping on friends sofa's until we can get a place again

    thanks for your prayer and for writting to me :)

  6. hey how are you?

  7. ha thanks very much,i dont wear suits often just when im in a "posh" mood haha

    nah it was for a gig i was doing i wear shirts all the time :)

  8. hey noticed you were new and had no visitor messages so HAI!

  9. i miss your face too hun

    i love youuuuuussss

  10. i aint guna lie it was pretty creepy for me

  11. how do you make your profile this awesome colour?!!

  12. i wanted to be the first to write you a visitor message and it looks like i am so hi :D

  13. there ya go some happenings in my house

  14. probably edingborough castle in scotland full of freaky stuff or 35 stonegate i have a youtube channel where you can watch some places

  15. i do ghost hunting when i can i do enjoy it alot :)

  16. thank you very much :) how are you?

  17. L i want your avatar

  18. wow i love your new pic becky sorry i probably havnt noticed that it changed lol sorry hope youre ok :) jai

  19. nah just not very well physically just tired and stressed lol

  20. lol yeah most people did get thrown off by my username so i spoke to zabby and she helped bless her :D

  21. lol yeah precedure is going well gotta go back to my doc and counsoler about my chest surgery but yeah apart from that things are going really wellgot a job interview on thursday too :)

  22. yyeah mines great going shopping in about an hour for some rum and energy drinks for a party tonight woop pretty much a boys party involvign eletric shock lazer quest,mw2 and horror films lol