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    Well im Justin,Jai or Wolf.
    im a crazy,caring,passionate person who enjoys meeting new people.
    I am a christian and i have been married for 6 months now to my misses dani.
    I dont really know what to say on these things other than feel free to say hi ask me questions im a really open guy.
    i work security or as americans know us im a bouncer.
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    Old York
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    singing,writting,drawing,designing tattoo's,decorationg,watching tv,hanging out with friends,ps3,rapping,watching films,drinking
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    Tattooist,ghost hunter,security,bar worker
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    open minded christian
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    Jai(aka) WoLf

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  1. hey Amanda, How are you? I know it has been a bit since the last time we talked, but I have not stoped praying for you. things have been ... interesting... for me. But God is always there, it has never failed that He is always there. what have you been up to of late?