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    Hey, so I'm NiteLights, I'm South African but moved to New Zealand. Loving it here. Still a Junior Christian, but I hope my faith strengthens.
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    Wellington, New Zealand.
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    Sports and that.
  1. So, we all know some movies are so epic, we just can't help but say 'Ah Snap!' during an awesome action scene or etc. :tongue: For me, the opening scene of Saving Private Ryan, Avatar and Transformers.
  2. NiteLights

    Ask an atheist

    So, an Atheist on Christian Teen Forums?
  3. Nice to meet you Lauren. :) I'm Ryan.

  4. Thanks WahooPunch. Took me ages to come up with it.
  5. Lol, well it worked. I am Lauren, btw:)

  6. Haha thanks guys. And cheese, sorry but I've got no idea what that is haha.
  7. Hey haha. Been here a year longer than me. :)

  8. NiteLights

    teenage pregnancies

    I agree with you. The Bible cleary states 'No sex before marriage.'
  9. Hello everybody, I'm new here. Just thought I'd let you all know. :tongue:
  10. Thanks for the tip. :P And thank you.

  11. Hey, and thanks haha. :) Spent ages trying to come up with a cool name. And thank you.

  12. Oh hi, btw you have to comment on the other person's profile in order for them to see it.

    And Welcome to CTF!

  13. Thanks haha. :) Spent ages trying to come up with a cool one. And thanks.