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    I'm an orphan... who's recieved a Father.
    My guardian is a priest... who's recieved a son.
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    singing, following the works of mercy, reading
  1. DesertKid

    Anti Christ

    I know that the Anti-Christ will be a 5'9'', brown-eyed, left-handed woman who will be fluent in English, German, and Japanese and work for the US department of Veteran Afairs. She will obviously, then, be in position as the power behind the throne. She will know the works of Dickens, and be able to sing Medievel Virelais. The most obvious way that you will be able to point her out is when an impromptu picture is taken and her eyes appear "cold" or "dark." Finally, by my calculations she is currently nine years old so get ready.
  2. DesertKid

    The Catholic Thread

    A happy death is to die in a State of Grace; so a person who dies, and is going off to his or her reward has had a happy death.
  3. DesertKid

    Two Natures

    No, you're not overthinking things, but I'm afraid I don't think it's correct. The analogy doesn't seem to me to work, because Christ had two different natures, while the two natures you wonder if I have are both human. If I had two different natures (like human and cat) I'd consider it a closer analogy. When Adam sinned, his nature didn't split in two; his single human nature became fallen. This has all sorts of implications, but the main one is that we don't have two "humanities" in us; one of which we can blame all the bad things we do on. Rather, Christ came to restore our fallen humanity to Himself, so that we as people can live with Him. The "war" inside us is not the result of two natures, but our fallen will.
  4. DesertKid

    St Thomas Aquinas Feast Day, Jan 28

    To add to the good stories: One time a young theologian was practically pulling his hair out because he couldn't find the answer to a certain problem, so he asked Thomas "what's the best thing I can do to come to the truth of the matter." Thomas replied "sit in a chair by the fire and have a glass of wine." In other words, relax!
  5. DesertKid: Hello, St. Francis. St. Francis: Hello my little brother. DK: I see you're weeding the garden again. SF: Yep. The monastery needs veggies. DK: Right. Say, Francis, what would you do if you knew Jesus was coming back in fifteen minutes? SF: (smiles, looks DK in the eyes) Finish weeding the garden.
  6. DesertKid

    a bronze serpent as a Godly symbol??

    It was a snake's bite that poisened the people: "So the LORD sent fiery serpents among the people, and they bit the people; and many of the people of Israel died" so, God ordered a serpant to be made that had no poison in it, but when the Israelites looked at it, it "took the poison" from them. Now, says St. Cyril of Jerusalem, we must "turn from the old to the new," and doing that we can see a prefigurement of Jesus Who had no sin, but takes ours away ("For our sake he made him to be sin who did not know sin," - 2 Cor 5:21).
  7. DesertKid

    For Catholics

    Oh, on the question of worth, certainly; a neither is better than the other. That's not the question though...
  8. DesertKid

    Forgiving, not forgeting.

    I'm still learning to forgive... There are times when I'm feeling my most holy that I can picture Person X in my head and say "I forgive you for this and that, and hope you find peace" but most of the time, I still take a satified pleasure in imagining God giving him some smart answer before casting him to hell. Yes, I know, I'm wrong; I shouldn't feel that way. One day, I will God will change me enough that I can forgive a few of the people who were in my life... just not yet.
  9. DesertKid

    Have Mercy on us

    Thank you, Emily. God is good.
  10. DesertKid

    Inside out(testimony)

    Thank you for writing this out! That's terrible that the pastor treated you that way; is he still a pastor? You're very strong to have gotten - through the Grace of God - through PTSD.
  11. DesertKid

    Radical Forgiveness

  12. DesertKid

    Jesus vs Religion

    Sorry Moderator; it seems to have been worked out.
  13. DesertKid

    Jesus vs Religion

    I can understand... without Good Friday (and, of course, Easter Sunday), we'd have no Christmas; it all kind of hangs on those three days between Crucifixion and Resurrection. If all you are saying when you say "I hate religion" is that you hate people who talk the talk but don't do much walking, then we don't have a disagreement except that I think the semantics of it are not the most prudent.
  14. DesertKid

    Jesus vs Religion

    Well okay, I don't like people who look down on others either... but I still believe in the Church as the Bride of Christ which is a visible Church and offers the Sacraments where we encounter God in a special way. Let me tell you, then, where the problem I have with people who say "I'm not religious, I'm ____ comes from. You say the true religion is to take care of the orphans and the widows (and yes, I'm familiar with James too); this is good. A couple of people gave me a gospel tract when I was on the street (while I was illiterate), and told me that I didn't believe in God, so I was sick and alone; that was my problem. These people also said "we're not religious, we're just about Jesus." Later, Father sees me and picks me up off the street; he's religious, and he fulfills James, the "non-religious" people didn't. So, again, I'm sorry I managed to offend you, but in my experience, the "I'm not religious" people are more about ideas than about actions. I'm not saying you are; that's only my experience, and the Mars Hill guy embodied that kind of attitude (even his face looked like the two "missionaries"). I'm sorry; I did not like the video.
  15. DesertKid

    My Testimony <3

    Awesome! Recently, I've been thinking the "theme" of 1 John is "God is love." Thanks for coming here!