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    I'm Amy Jo! I'm 17 and i live in Minnesota. God is the number one thing in my life, and He always will be :) I love hearing about other peoples faiths..so let's talk! :)
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    Music :) Reading! Friends
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    I work at a gas station
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    Amy Jo
  1. RainOnYourParade

    Favourite Star Wars movie??? 1-6??

    I've only seen bits and pieces of 4-6 so I can't count those as a favorite since I didn't see the full things.. but out of 1-3, 1 was my favorite by far. Anakin was a horrible actor in the 2nd movie especially, and he wasn't very good in the 3rd either. There was too much lovey dovey stuff in the 2nd one, I thought. The 1st one had Darth Maul though, so that beats everything:)
  2. RainOnYourParade

    Messing up.

    Lately, I've been messing up a lot. I haven't been praying hardly at all, and I've been avoiding it now especially because I can't seem to keep my mind focused on anything and I always end up doing the wrong thing. I don't feel as connected to God anymore, and I hate it. If anyone has some reassuring words, I would love to hear them. Or if anyone wants to talk I'm definitely game. I know I have to get back on track with God, but it's so hard because I know I don't deserve to have his forgiveness again..and again..and again. I know He'll always forgive me a million times over, but I still go back to this stage where I just don't feel as on fire for God anymore.
  3. welcome to CTf Amy jo!!!

  4. RainOnYourParade


    Hey! Thanks
  5. RainOnYourParade

    Love troubles? Help!

    Everyone says age doesn't matter, and it really doesn't. Right now it's bound to be weird because you're both still in school. However, once you're out of high school things will be much different when it comes to age. At the same time though, you have to think about WHY you like him. Is it just cause he's cute and has a good way with words? What about his relationship with God? He's already getting numbers from multiple girls, so maybe he's not ready for a serious relationship. You should definitely stay friends with him, but I think you should pray about it. If this is the guy God planned you to be with, it'll happen. That doesn't mean it has to happen right away, though. Just trust in God and take things slow:)
  6. RainOnYourParade

    Oh, hello guys

    Hey! I just joined this recently too for the same reason! It's so awesome to see other people that are on fire for God! So, welcome And my names Amy and i'm 17 from Minnesota!
  7. RainOnYourParade

    Another "hello" thread.

    I just joined recently as well, and I haven't really browsed many posts but I enjoyed reading yours! You seem like an awesome person! I would say welcome to CTF but i don't feel like i've been here long enough to be able to say that!
  8. RainOnYourParade


    I'm amy Let's chat.
  9. RainOnYourParade

    I'm new!

    So, i found this site through google and I thought i'd give it a go! How old is everyone here? Tell me about yourself