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    My name is Amy-Beth, but almost everyone calls me Abee these days :3, I live in Scotland and have been a Christian for fourteen years? I can't remember exactly :S :L I'll laugh at almost anything. :L
    Oh! And I'm quite small for my age. :L My favourite band is Paramore, my favourite singer is a tie between Taylor Swift and Avril Lavigne. I love eye make up.
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    Guitar, Keyboard, Cornet, Reading, Singing :L, Umm, Paramore? :L, Taylor Swift, Avril Lavigne... F.R.I.E.N.D.S, I'm like a Friends addict :S :L Twitter :L x3 Chuck!! :L
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    Musical Theatre Student
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  1. :L cooool, thanks :L :)

  2. Right after someone buys me a copy. :) I like that you make youtube videos.

  3. You should listen to it, it's awesome :)

  4. I don't think i've heard it yet

  5. Of course!! Do you?

  6. Do you like taylor swifts new cd

  7. Aww that's such a shame :( And maybeee...

  8. Why, thank you ^.^

  9. It didn't work out at all. Maybe next time. Maybe if you were my evil sidekick.

  10. Favorite band is Paramore and you like Taylor Swift and Avril Lavigne? You live in Scotland, so you have an accent.

    You're Officially Awesome.

  11. Sounds intriguing... Let me know how it works out :L :3

  12. I'm gonna enslave your minds with a predictable melody,

    And uncomplicated rhymes,

    And if I asked you to

    You'd even change your name to Amy

    Because you're gonna yodel odel odel obey me,

  13. hello would you like to hear my evil scheme?

  14. I was in a music room and I will bring a Sombrero