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    I'm 18. From Cape Town, South Africa. And yes I'm white and from there. Shocker. Anyways I'm just a passionate person, and a deep thinker. I'm probably a introvert. I enjoy reading fiction, (fave book is Society S by Susan Hubbard). I'm also quite a bit of a gamer and I love playing games like Left For Dead, Assassin's Creed, Fallout and such. I'm not one for silly movies. I like watching serious movies. I have no siblings. I want to study law after school which is next year. I have Bipolar Disorder as well as Avoident Personality Disorder. I struggle with this a lot on a daily basis and I would appreciate if people would pray for me cause it's ruining my life in a way. But I try and be positive anyway. I'm a very caring and loyal person and even though I struggle to help myself, I'm always willing to try to help others, so if you're also in a tough time then I will try my best to carry you through.
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    South Africa
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    Playing bass guitar. Music. Writing. Reading. Gaming. I'm also interested in law (what I want to study) and ethics. I've read countless books on morals and ethics and it fascinates me. Psychology is also interesting but it depresses me too sometimes.
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    Eastern Orthodox

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  1. I like all kinds of music. Like, more than most people have even heard of haha. Although, I don't really listen to much popular music... People like LMFAO and Nikki Minaj don't do much for me. I like passionate music, everything from Seal to Linkin Park (their older stuff haha), The Black Keys, Whitney Houston, Demon Hunter, Lecrae, Young Gunz, New Navy, Boston, Kansas, War of Ages, Five Iron Frenzy, Michael Jackson, Van Halen... I could go on forever, but there's some of the more popular artists I listen to. I like nearly all genres, just nothing that seems shallow. What about you?

  2. Well I just replied late so point proven :) Music lessons can be really expensive. Well for me at least. I take music lesson extra at my school and all I can say is I would be able to live a much more luxurious life without the extra costs in involved but it's for a good cause I imagine. I would love to be in a band myself and travel the world as well but it's also just a dream. Can't see that happening. There are just so many good bands out there that don't even make money. It's a bummer really. What music do you enjoy listening to ? :punk:

  3. Haha, that's okay. It's endearing :) Don't feel bad about replying to messages a few days late, people get used to it around here :P. anyway, yeah I really like the drums I just don't have the resources to take lessons and such. I really don't care what instrument it is, I just really communicate myself best through music and I would love to be able to create my own :/ To be honest, the reason I want to pursue Psychiatry is because I really enjoy helping people, and I really enjoy psychology and the study of the mind. I hope that Psychiatry will allow me to make a living doing both. Honestly though, my dream would be to become a musician and make enough money to travel the world and help those in need... but that is really just a dream :blushing:

  4. AnEndlessSerenade

    City Mouse or Country Mouse?

    I'd say city mouse just because that's what I'm relatively used to and I like having everything around me. Easy to go to places.
  5. AnEndlessSerenade

    How do you pronounce "prestigious?"

  6. 1. I have a phobia of closing windows at night cause I'm scared of pulling my hand out to close it and then someone will come and slice my hand off 2. I cannot sleep even when there's a slight noise. I need complete silence therefor I have to use ear plugs 3. I can't cook. Anything. And I'll be living alone from next year. I'll die of starvation! 4. I have plenty of complexes about myself:hug: 5. A bunch of baby pigs have attacked me before. 6. My school is on a farm and there's chickens running around as well as cows. It's insane!
  7. I just realized I said oh my several times. oh my :blushing: Don't know why I did that.

  8. Hey! I haven't been on here in like 2 weeks. Saw I had a message and thank goodness you only posted that 1 day ago! I would have felt terrible giving a late reply. :) When it comes to any instrument best is to get the right music to play along to. Bass guitar can get VERY boring if you just play by yourself. But I imagine drums can be more exciting. You should really try. There's something rather hot about a guy playing drums :P Oh my I hope that doesn't happen to me when I go to my first Law class. But I have studied up on law before so I do sorta know what to expect. Oh my, my all dream career is a psychiatrist too but unfortunately I do not have the guts to do a full degree in medicine as well. IDK how things work over there but here you need to be a qualified medical doctor before you can even start to specialize in psychiatry. That's just really insane that you want to do. In a good way :D:clap:

  9. Hey, I've seen you around and thought you seemed cool. I saw your post on Christy's page and thought I should hit you up. It's pretty awesome that you play bass, I've been trying to learn how to play the drums but have made little progress thus far. haha. I thought about studying law after high school, but after taking a Law class, I figured out I hate it xD, instead I've taken up Psychology and I'm planning to be a Psychiatrist. Anyway, hit me up!

  10. AnEndlessSerenade

    MATH. What do you think of it?

    1.) What do you think math, in its essence, is? Numbers that are taken too far and too seriously. 2.) What does it take to be "good at math"? Lots and lots of extra time doing more sums and practising, determination and good help/teachers. Understanding is also important. I've realized that the right teacher can make the worlds difference. 3.) How do you think you will use math in your life? I really won't. I plan on studying law. But I will use basic calculations for everyday life things like setting up a budget. 4.) Why do you think high school students are required to take math classes? It helps develope the brain and logical skills. 5.) If I told you mathematics is an art form, would you agree with me? Why or why not? Nope. Art is something that has to do with creativity.Maths is not creative. There's a set solution to the problem and therefor no space to create anything new or change something aka let your creativity flow The only things that flows is my frustration level with it.
  11. AnEndlessSerenade

    Do you like amusement parks?

    Love them <3 Pity there's not that many here in South Africa.
  12. AnEndlessSerenade

    Jehovah's Witnesses knocking at your door

    I always just say I'm not interested and then they try and persuade me to not go and I just say I have other things to get to but I appreciate their visit and then they hand me a leaflet usually.Which is quite interesting and thoughtful.I have nothing against them and won't ever be rude to them like I've heard other people can be. They do a lot for their Church and work extremely hard. I respect them for that.
  13. Hey Christy :) Thanks for the message. Only got in now as I've been so busy :/ But I'm glad you find my bio interesting :clap: I also need to make more friends on here. I feel way to lonely :/ :blink: Anyways have a great awesome day!

  14. Hey :)

    I found your bio quite interesting. I'd like to know you better, don't hesitate to pm me.


  15. AnEndlessSerenade

    My boyfriend

    I don't think it's a wise choice. When you have sex you accept the consequences of it and must be prepared for the consequences. Are you ready to be a mom? Cause that's the reality of the matter. When you have sex you should be ready for all the different outcomes whether or not you think they will happen or not. I don't see how a 15 year old in our day and age will be able to provide and give the best possible care for a child. And I can assure you your boyfriend isn't ready for that either. Secondly, what if you break up with your boyfriend. These things happen. Think about the impact it will have on your future relationships and marriage even with someone else. Sex is a huge commitment and you really need to think wisely about it. Don't just follow your heart because you love your boyfriend. You can't take your first time back ever. Reserve it for someone who you have made the ultimate commitment with. Thirdly, us girls get attached to guys when we have sex with them or do sexual activities. Trust me, I can testify to this. And this makes breaking up with them so much more difficult and painful. It's much harder to get over someone with whom you have shared yourself with than with someone you haven't. My relationships that I did sexual things in vs the ones I didn't shows a significant difference. I got much easier over the ones I didn't vs the ones I did fool around with. Even now 3 years later my heart still hurts and aches when I think of one guy in particular that really impacted my life because we did things. I have a boyfriend now, we keep things safe and we have a solid, decent relationship that's very much enjoyable despite the fact that we don't have sex or engage in other sexual activities. It's very much possible to have a healthy relationship without sex.