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  1. Kimmie! How've you been? If you wanna add me on Facebook, I'm Mickay Mousse. :D

    1. Precious


      Late seeing this but I just did that! haha

  2. Precious


    I've been doing super great! Started college last fall so that's been incredibly time consuming.. Haha, what about you? Hey Beckeh!
  3. Precious

    North Dakota Wildfires

    Hey guys! There have been at least 10 wildfires throughout North Dakota during the last few days... Today, there were 8+ along a 75 mile stretch of the interstate that caused several accidents and a semi caught on fire.. Please be praying that we'll get some rain soon, because it seems every day there's another massive fire near a city somewhere. :/ Thanks, Kimmie
  4. Precious


    Here it is.
  5. Precious

    Try Not To Laugh Or Smile

    hahahahaha. I laughed hysterically. click
  6. Precious

    Now Playing...

    Hero - Skillet
  7. Precious


    hay guise! Long time no talk!
  8. Precious


    Stahp being so confusing. Seriously, you wanna be my friend? Cool, let's be friends.. Keep in mind that requires you actually talk to me from time to time.
  9. Precious

    Favorite CTF Memories

    I still reference that one from time to time.
  10. Precious

    Sorry/you're not sorry

    Not a problem. I secretly hate snow globes anyway. I'm sorry I brought a goat to your party last night.
  11. Precious

    Favorite CTF Memories

    Anyone else remember the "Who is this Jesus? What have he done for me?" ad?
  12. Precious


    Do me a favor? Stop telling me that I shouldn't be with my boyfriend. Seriously. The majority of the time, none of you have even the slightest bit of a good reason to say such things, and the rest of the time you see a small picture of what our relationship is and you honestly have no idea what you're talking about. Do he and I have problems sometimes? Yeah. Are we the "perfect" couple? No. Not at all. But we have the ability to fix things when they're not right. Stop acting/talking as though he's a horrible excuse for a person just because of stupid little things that bother me sometimes. Just stop.