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  1. Josh! I miss you a lot! And we should chat sometime soon 'cause life is weird and different and we need to catch up.

    1. Josh (J)

      Josh (J)

      Kimmeh! I miss you too ;_; I'm hardly on Skype anymore and when I am, you're not Dx PM, email?

  2. So I convinced my dad to go get tested for skin cancer.. if y'all could pray for him, that'd be great. ^_^

  3. I totally would but I don't have one anymore. :(

    1. Silently95


      Ohh, alright! How's it going? :D

    2. Precious


      Wow.. I never replied to this? oooppps. I do have a facebook now if you still wanna add me! ^_^

  4. Whelp! I just realized that I hadn't introduced myself to you yet. :P So yeah I'm Kimmie.. Nice to meet you! :)

  5. you have yet to put me in your siggy, jerk. <3

  6. There's that too.

  7. Yeah I generally hate change though.

  8. I've been alright. Life's about to change a lot though, so I'm not too excited..

  9. It's a term of endearment, haha. :)

  10. I'm proud of you, kid. :)

  11. Eh, I think it's good. People pleasing is a waste of time.

  12. That's good! :) It's always good to like yourself. :)

  13. YESS! Seriously i've missed you.. you been on skype too, or just CTF?

  14. Rookie! You've been online lately! :) I've missed you, gurrl.

  15. You are indeed!

  16. Beckeh you've finally revealed your face! :o

  17. Happy birthday!

  18. Congratulations on your engagement, kid!

  19. It is a very fun hat! haha I was wearing it today. :P

  20. I probably will eventually, but right now I'm good with just getting online every now and then to respond to visitor messages. xD and yeah the hat is awesome and deserves compliments.

  21. I'm alright, actually.

  22. I was just having some personal issues, it wasn't a big deal. :) And yeah maybe I'll come back eventually. The reason I left is a long story that's still relevant soo. :P

  23. Oh my word that is amazing! The eyes on mine fell off though. :( And I'm not really back, I just was upset and needed to read some of my private messages from back in the day. haha. BUT I may end up hangin' around to talk to people every now and then. xD