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  1. Tyro Of Sarcalogos

    In what denomination are you?

    Assembly of God here.
  2. You exist!

    1. Tyro Of Sarcalogos

      Tyro Of Sarcalogos

      Sure do! Haha I got locked out of this account for a while. Im back though!

  3. Tyro Of Sarcalogos

    How tall are you?

    Mustve mistyped or something cause I'm 6'1 says it on my drivers license at least xD
  4. Tyro Of Sarcalogos

    How tall are you?

    I am 6'1
  5. Tyro Of Sarcalogos

    Im back!

    I don't know how many of you remember me but I left the forum around a year ago after I lost control to this account. I've been lurking for a couple of months on another account but the amazing new site owner(who did a great job on the new layout <3) got me my access back to this account so I figured I would start posting regular again. So yeah, whats up people!
  6. Tyro Of Sarcalogos

    You Laugh, You Lose

    You honestly think that's real?
  7. Tyro Of Sarcalogos

    Question about Lying?

    Yes, it's a lie, try reading Colossians 3.
  8. Tyro Of Sarcalogos

    Going to Heaven when you die

    What do you think about Luke 23:42-43 "Jesus said to him, 'I tell you the Truth, today you will be with Me in paradise'"
  9. Tyro Of Sarcalogos

    Any John Green fans?

    I love vlogbrothers, however I don't read so I cant say I'm a fan of his books
  10. Tyro Of Sarcalogos

    Wes's New Song "Comeback"

    Are you perhaps plugging your own music? And also talking about yourself in the third person?
  11. Tyro Of Sarcalogos

    Hit the keyboard then hit "Submit Reply"

    Can I use my head? :headdesk: ujgyh vg vgvgvftgftgyh ftgh
  12. Tyro Of Sarcalogos


    I believe its about time for a new bored....
  13. Tyro Of Sarcalogos

    Animals in Heaven?

    Doesn't the Bible say we'll have the desires of our hearts in heaven? If someone is attached to a pet it would be a desire of the heart, however I'm sure most of you will disagree.
  14. Tyro Of Sarcalogos

    Opinon on my poem please

    Wrong band my friend, that's a Linkin Park song. Green Day has a song by the same title though.
  15. Tyro Of Sarcalogos


    All the awards.