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  1. Cool! I want to see! :)

  2. I'm working on one right now. :) I'll have to post a pic once I finish it. :)

  3. I think it would be cool to make a blanket!

  4. Ah, you should try again...get some books. It's pretty cool watching the things come together. :)

  5. Well I was young and didn't feel like bothering to make things from actual patterns, so I'd goof around making clothes for stuffed animals. Don't know if I ever actually finished any though.

  6. Yeah, what types of things did you make when you crocheted?

  7. Yirah

    New Start

    I'll pray for you!
  8. Aw that must be so special! :] Nice having something like that.

  9. yeah, it's pretty cool. and after she passed away we got her blanket and I have it on my bed :D

  10. That's really cool to have something passed down from a relative like that.

  11. well, Britta was around 9 when she started. our great great aunt taught her. she passed away before she got me. :/ so Britta taught me when I was like 11-12

  12. How long have you two done it?

  13. Thanks... :) she's a ton better than me though! :)