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    Sappy Churches

    Or you could just go with him to the "sappy" church. My step dad is a blue collar guy too, and he doesn't get emotional when he worships, but some people do. I would go out of my way to explain to him after the service the glory of true worship. Maybe saying something to the end of "Those guys looked kind of odd, but the fantastic part is they are worshiping the God that made them and saved them from an eternity apart from him." Sometimes I feel like a lot of people really have grown cold to what Jesus really did. I think they no longer feel the sting that he died, and death hurts. Death really hits hard when you lose a best friend or spouse, and Jesus was far more loving than either of those. Not only did we lose a best friend though, we killed him. He died by our hands, I/You/Everyone killed him. 2 Samuel 6:22 says, "I will become even more undignified than this, and I will be humiliated in my own eyes." You should explain to him that If someone gets emotional over God by no means is that sappy, that is beautiful because they are giving glory to God; who can blame them for raising their hands or shouting, I would become even more undignified in the eyes of man so that I may praise God. That's what I would say to him, I would say a good explanation will do him better than an acidic environment where the worship is just running through the motions.
  2. ShelbyTyler

    Are you afraid to die?

    No, not really it's not something I would find enjoyable, but I don't let the fear of it keeping from doing what I want to do.
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    Listening to people...

    Every person is worth listening to, I would question everything they have to say though. You have to really nail down some key items before you can do anything with their statements. 1. Motivation- Why are they saying this, what is their personal agenda? 2. Bias- What biases or world views are they speaking through? 3. Scripture-By far the most important, are they consistent with the absolute truth which is God's Word? 4. Experience vs Presuppositions- Do they speak from knowledge or presumptions? Adding all these together you can reveal the intention behind what someone's saying and decide if you merely listen to them and label them a fool or if you take what they say and apply it to your life.
  4. ShelbyTyler

    Are Boys Stupid?

    It totally depends on the guy, sometimes they aren't. In most cases the super intelligent guys have trouble wooing a girl with his Pokemon card collection and Halo mastery. That's why a guy pretends to be stupid to attract girls; every girl loves an idiot, even if he is a closet nerd. Other times some men are stupid, but most of those genes are weeded out by guys that end up licking electrical sockets, drinking arsenic, etc.