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    I consider myself to be Gods Child............. because i was to be aborted when i was in my mothers womb!!!!! Its only because of Gods amazing grace that I am living today!!!!!! Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!!! But now i am a proud JESUS FrEaK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Bhilai, Iindia
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    Music, I am a Disco Jockey!!!!!!!!!! My frenz and I started a band called The Voice Of Adonai!!!!!!!!!!!!Drowning in the worship is awesom!!!!!!!!!!!! I also play football and badminton!!!!!!!!
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    Mar Thoma
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    Sumit Sunil

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  1. No


    None...No lie, no conjured

    up spirits, no witchcraft,

    no curse, no evil thought,

    no backstab, no mischief,

    no haters of good, no job,

    no depression, no illness,

    no low self esteem, no

    death, no rejection, no

    misunderstanding, no

    financial hardship, no

    poverty, no storm, no lack

    therof, no man, no

    woman, no child, no

    family, no nothing....No

    Weapon Formed against

    you will prosper...~You're

    the child of the Most

    High~Look up.....Claim


  2. Sumit_Child Of God

    My dear Uncle

    hi mollie.... your uncle is suffering... understand his pain... talk with him... Spend time with him... its the best you can do... give him your time....
  3. Anything doin' recently?

  4. happy birthday :)

    " " "

    | | |

    {__} <--- a cake for your b-day :D

  5. Sumit_Child Of God

    Do babies go to Hell?

    Babies are new in the world....... they are entirely innocent!! but, as the bible says, " Every human is born of sin.".. Still according to me, babies will go to heaven!!!
  6. Sumit_Child Of God

    Misheard Lyrics

    It happens sometimes! I have been in a couple of embarrassing situations when I misheard the lyrics.............. Sang them on stage only to de disapointed! :-)
  7. Thanks for the add request. Welcome to CTF. (:

  8. well hello, you have a lot of friends, ill see you around